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Share Your Holiday Stories with MCUA

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer! If your credit union has plans to spread that cheer in your community, please share them with the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA). This might include activities like organizing giving trees, holding toy collections, participating in food drives or volunteering at local organizations.

To get started, simply click here.

Don’t stop there!

MCUA encourages you to post and tweet about those activities on your social media platforms. The holidays offer tons of opportunities for you to connect with your members.  

In addition, check out the below post ideas for more inspiration throughout the month.

Festive Facebook contests. Have some credit union T-shirts, pens or other gear lying around? Host a simple photo contest or essay contest on your credit union’s Facebook page and give away a credit union prize pack. You’ll create some buzz about your credit union and strengthen your bond with members. Check out this full list here

Staff pictures. If your staff plans on decorating the lobby this season, snap a few pictures of them in action and post them to Facebook. If Santa stops by your branch, take photos of the kiddos with old St. Nick—just make sure to get permission from parents before posting to Facebook or Twitter. 

Questions or fill in the blanks. Ask your fans to share their thoughts on the season. For example, you might post this message “My favorite part of the holiday season is _________.” Or you might ask them, “What was the best gift you’ve ever received? #tbt #HappyHolidays”  You can post these as text updates or use Photoshop or Pic Monkey to create an image for the question or fill in the blank.

Inspirational quotes. If you Google terms like “happy holiday quotes” or “holiday inspirational sayings,” you’ll have plenty of images to choose from. Everyone loves an inspirational quote, especially one that fits with the season. Unless your membership is faith-based, try to avoid hurt feelings by keeping the quotes generic.

Not sure about a post? Want to brainstorm social media content? Please contact Nora Holloway, MCUA director of Public Relations and Online Community, via email or at 314.542.1349.