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MCUA Hosts Missouri House Democratic Victory Committee

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) Credit Union House in Jefferson City served as a gathering place for the Missouri House Democratic Victory Committee (MHDVC) on  November 15.  More than 40 Democratic leaders, candidates, and supporters visited Credit Union House throughout the evening.

“We were excited for the opportunity to host the Democratic Victory Committee,” says David Kent, director of state legislative affairs for MCUA.  “This was a large group and it’s not always easy to find a good venue for events like these in downtown Jefferson City.  All the attendees were very complimentary about Credit Union House and were very appreciative for the space.”

MCUA hopes additional groups will utilize Credit Union House in 2014.  “MCUA has made it a priority to utilize Credit Union House more often,” says Kent.  “We reached out to both Democrats and Republicans to encourage using our facility.  A group of Republicans will hold an event here in February.”

The MHDVC works to recruit, train, support, and elect Democrats to the Missouri House of Representatives.  The meeting at Credit Union House was part of a weekend full of MHDVC activities, including candidate training sessions and other business.

Photo, top right:  Jon Carpenter, Judy Morgan & Rory Ellinger.

MHDVC Social Attendees

Current Democratic House Members

  • Jacob Hummel (District 81, House Minority Leader)
  • Jon Rizzo (District 19, House Minority Whip)
  • Mike Butler (District 79)
  • Jon Carpenter (District 15)
  • Mike Colona (District 80)
  • Rory Ellinger (District 86)
  • Mike Frame (District 111)
  • Chris Kelly (District 45)
  • Karla May (District 84)
  • John Mayfield (District 20)
  • Gail McCann Beatty (District 26)
  • Gina Mitten (District 83)
  • Judy Morgan (District 24)
  • Bill Otto (District 70)
  • Tommie Pierson (District 66)
  • John Wright (District 47)

Democratic Candidates Running for House

  • Bob Butler (District 112)
  • Dan Dildine (District 41)
  • Sean Fauss (District 113)
  • Gary Grigsby (District 51)
  • Pattie Johnson (District 56)
  • Deb Lavendar (District 90)
  • Terry Lesinksi (District 104)
  • Bob Smith (District 120)