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TelComm Adds Convenient Auto Loan App

Consumers crave convenience. Now more than ever, loan applications are beginning on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Realizing this change in the loan application process, TelComm Credit Union (Springfield) recently launched the AskAuto app on November 1, 2013. The app makes it easy for members to research vehicles when car shopping, and it even offers them the opportunity to apply for a car loan while on the go.

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Mutual Group has stated that TelComm is the first credit union in Missouri to utilize this service.

“We believe this free app will make car shopping quick and simple for members when looking at vehicles, as well as streamline the online loan application process,” says Lori Johnson, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for TelComm Credit Union. “More and more online loan applications are originating on smartphones and tablets, so we wanted to make the process that much more convenient for our members.”

Johnson states that the app was easy to implement. She just had to input TelComm’s info into the AskAuto app website. CUNA Mutual Group provides both a full marketing kit and training for the staff. They also hosted a 40-minute webinar to familiarize employees with the app and answered any questions they might have.

Additionally, Johnson will be integrating the AskAuto marketing materials into the TelComm e-newsletter, poster holders and emails. Additionally, frontline staffers are encouraged to talk with members about the app.

Contact your MCUA field rep today to see if this app would be a good fit for your credit union. 

Caption: A snapshot of what members see when using the AskAuto app.