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Candy Bags, Kids Help Deliver Important Message to Parents

In an effort to increase financial literacy, Arsenal Credit Union (Arnold) distributed 1,000 Bank on MOre trick-or-treat bags that held Smarties candy and a Teach Your Children About Money pamphlet to grade schools located close to their branches.

The five schools gave these bags to students in grades K-2 to take home and share with their parents.

“If kids were banking on more candy this year for Halloween, we hopefully helped some of them achieve their goal,” joked Ken Moser, vice president of marketing at Arsenal. “On a more serious note, we wanted to help spread the word about credit unions in a non-traditional way, and these bags helped us do exactly that.”

The pamphlet shows parents how to implement allowance guidelines that help their children develop healthy financial habits early on.

In addition, it breaks down the various topics to teach children by age. It touches on topics for four different age brackets: five years old and younger, five to 10 years old, 11 to 14 years old, and 15 years old and older. For example, parents can start teaching their kids as early as preschool—reinforcing that cash from ATMs is not “free money” and utilizing fun, educational activities through the Thrive by Five program.

Throughout the year, Arsenal staffers have handed these pamphlets out at community parades. They decided to integrate this with the Bank On MOre bags that they received for taking part in the Missouri Credit Union Association’s statewide campaign. This campaign aims to increase consumer awareness regarding credit unions and dispel common membership myths through targeted advertising and social media. 

Caption: Arsenal Credit Union employees, Megan Warren and Jenny Remes prepare Halloween bags for delivery to local schools.