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KCCU Celebrates ICU Day

Kansas City Credit Union (KCCU) celebrated International Credit Union Day (October 17) by handing out a variety of cookies and freshly popped popcorn throughout the day to its members. Several members commented that they wished every day was International Credit Union Day—they really enjoyed the treats! 

In addition to the tasty snacks, members also received a new 2014 wall calendar.

KCCU also joined forces with other area credit unions (Mazuma, CommunityAmerica and United Consumers) in sponsoring a Facebook contest that awarded $2,000 to a local organization. This was a literal approach to the ICU Day theme, "Uniting for Good." Read more here

This was a great way to honor the tradition of ICU Day, which started back in 1948. Since then, the third Thursday of each October is has been dedicated to reflecting on the history of the credit union movement and to promoting its achievements. 

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