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ULCU Volunteer Returns Home from Afghanistan

United Labor Credit Union (ULCU) (Kansas City) volunteer Greg Davison is on his way home from a nearly year-long deployment to Afghanistan, where he and 155 Navy Seabees in Charlie Company received over one ton of supplies and products from credit union members and donors. ULCU’s goal was to see that Davison and all the other men and women serving by his side were able to experience a little piece of home while they were away protecting our country.

Credit unions, veteran support organizations, labor unions and individuals participated by shopping for and donating goods, baking homemade treats, and providing funding toward the $5,800 in shipping costs to the Afghan region.

“We are excited to welcome Greg home as our friend, as our committee member, to see him reunited with his family, and to thank him for his service to our country and community,” says Tim Vogler, ULCU president.

Caption 1: (top, right) Greg Davison is pictured during a recent journey home.

Caption 2: (bottom, right) Greg Davison and the other Seabees pose with the supplies and donations they received from credit union members and other donors.