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Missouri Credit Unions Front & Center During Virtual Rally

Credit unions in Missouri did their part to share the "Don’t Tax My Credit Union" message with lawmakers during Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) first ever virtual rally on October 2. From all around the state, these advocates used Facebook and Twitter to show support of the credit union tax status. Video of the rally is available here

Credit unions shared photos, videos and information using the hashtag #DontTaxMyCU during the online rally. Here are examples from across the state:

  • Arsenal Credit Union (Arnold) shared the Don't Tax My Credit Union message with Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt on Twitter. They also photographed members with DTMCU signs. Click here to view the whole album. A collage of Arsenal Credit Union members is pictured at top right.
  • CommunityAmerica Credit Union (Kansas City) tweeted messages like "#DontTaxMyCU was trending nationwide a moment ago. Join in!"
  • United Credit Union (Mexico) tweeted messages to lawmakers, like "As 1 of 96 million #creditunion members, please #DontTaxMyCU @McCaskillOffice! Tweet back to show your support!"
  • Holy Rosary Credit Union (Kansas City) showed their support on Facebook with this DTMCU album. Pictured at right.
  • Electro Savings Credit Union (St. Louis) shared this virtual rally link on Facebook.
  • Mazuma Credit Union (Kansas City) retweeted tons of #DontTaxMyCU messages and images of the national virtual rally. They also shared images of the national rally on their Facebook page.
  • St. Louis Community Credit Union documented #DontTaxMyCU messages on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Vantage Credit Union (St. Louis) also spread the message on Facebook and Twitter, and retweeted CUNA Advocacy.
  • BluCurrent Credit Union (Springfield) got creative, and shared original #DontTaxMyCU images like this one on Twitter.
  • United Consumers Credit Union (Kansas City) shared this DTMCU link on Facebook.

CUNA also highlighted messages by several Missouri advocates on Twitter:

  • The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) shared a staff photo (see right) and a staff Vine video urging lawmakers, “Don’t Tax My Credit Union!”  CUNA’s social media team featured the photo during the online rally broadcast.
  • Justin Mouzoukos (@JMouzoukos) of Mazuma tweeted, "Funny that after taking bailouts, bankers want to punish Credit Unions. Please #DontTaxMyCU."
  • Michael Davis (@i_am_mr_davis) told several Missouri members of Congress, "Placing a tax on my #creditunion would be like punishing my child for doing nothing wrong, that's wrong."​ 

Wednesday's virtual rally is just the latest effort in reaching out to members of Congress and informing them about the credit union tax status.  As Congress considers comprehensive tax reform, MCUA and other state credit union leageus are working with CUNA to help ensure the credit union federal income tax status remains intact.

The Missouri-Kansas Hike the Hill took place during this event. Several credit union leaders and MCUA staff (pictured at bottom right) were present to spread the DTMCU word while at the U.S. Capitol. 

According to CUNA, more than 10,000 people visited the Don’t Tax My Credit Union web site in the hours leading up to the and following the rally, and more than 1,800 email messages were sent to legislators on Wednesday. CUNA is also working to tally the total number of tweets and impressions that were made during the rally.

Check back again for Missouri-specific information.  If your credit union took action and is not highlighted above, please share that information with MCUA Public Relations Director Nora Holloway.