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St. Louis Chapter Hosts Annual Legislative Reception

The St. Louis Chapter of Credit Unions welcomed area lawmakers and staff to its annual legislative reception on September 26. The event was an opportunity for credit union staff, volunteers and supporters to meet and discuss credit union topics with Missouri legislators. In attendance were 16 lawmakers and staff.

Laura Alfeldt, vice chair of the St. Louis Chapter of Credit Unions, and Don Cohenour, president/CEO of the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA), addressed the group and thanked the lawmakers for their support of Missouri credit unions.

“During the reception, I was pleased to meet several Missouri legislators for the first time,” says Alfeldt. “When representatives hear about issues that impact their constituents, they listen. It’s imperative that we share how we serve the communities in their districts and touch on issues that matter to them. For example, I spoke with one representative about First Community Credit Union’s new branch, which is being built in her district. That really caught her attention.”

The reception provided credit union professionals with the chance to meet with legislators one-on-one in a more relaxed environment, where they could have longer conversations.

“The event offered a great opportunity for credit union representatives to speak with lawmakers and better understand their legislative priorities and goals for the upcoming session," says Don Cohenour. "In turn, we were able to emphasize the important role credit unions are playing in the financial well-being of their constituents.”

The following lawmakers and legislative staff attended the St. Louis Chapter legislative reception:

  • Sen. John Lamping (R-District 24)
  • Rep. Kurt Bahr (R-District 102)
  • Rep. Bob Burns (D-District 71)
  • Rep. Kathie Conway (R-District 104)
  • Rep. Courtney Curtis (D-District 73)
  • Rep. Mike Frame (D-District 111)
  • Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger (R-District 108)
  • Rep. Gina Mitten (D-District 83)
  • Rep. Mary Nichols (D-District 72)
  • Rep. Sharon Pace (D-District 74)
  • Rep. Joshua Peters (D-District 76)
  • Rep. Tommie Pierson (D-District 66)
  • Rep. Jeff Roorda (D-District 113)
  • Rep. Ann Zerr (R-District 65)
  • Lane Koch, staff member for Senator Roy Blunt (R)
  • Mattie Moore, staff member for U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D)