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Missouri Urged to Ramp Up Don’t Tax My Credit Union Efforts

Credit unions in Missouri, along with credit unions nationwide, are urged to ramp up “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” efforts as members of Congress head back to Washington, D.C. on Sept. 9. 

As of Sept. 6, Missouri federal lawmakers have received 12,610 contacts from the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” website.

It’s time to make even more contacts with Don’t Tax Tuesday II – a social media blitz that kicks off on Sept. 10. Credit union supporters are urged to tag lawmakers on Twitter and Facebook to ensure the messages are heard directly by members of Congress. Click here for examples. 

“During our in-district meetings with lawmakers and staff this August, we heard that the Don’t Tax Tuesday effort really made an impact,” explains Amy McLard, Missouri Credit Union Association senior vice president of Advocacy. “It exploded on Twitter and the Hill staff took notice – who in turn told lawmakers what was going on.”

Take part in these upcoming “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” events:
Don’t Tax Tuesday II   Sept. 10
“Don’t Tax My Credit Union” t-shirt orders due
MCUA distributed an email to credit union presidents
on Sept. 4 with info.
Sept. 16
Missouri Hike the Hill – Washington, D.C.    

Oct. 1-3

National Virtual Rally
This national event takes place during Missouri's Hike the Hill. 
Help send the message to Congress via social media.
More info will follow.
Oct. 2
Bankers Working Against Credit Unions

It’s important to keep the credit union message going, as bankers are working hard against the credit union tax status. Here are just a few examples:

  • Bankers have a website and Twitter account directed against credit unions called #ItsTime2Pay.  
  • The American Bankers Association (ABA) just launched a 501(c)4 called the Financial Education and Advocacy Initiative, which can use banks’ corporate dollars to advance lobbying efforts.  For more information about the group, click here.​ The group attacked the credit union tax status in ads in Politico stating: ***A message from FEAI, the Financial Education and Advocacy Initiative: Thank you to the credit unions that have remained faithful to your core mission. For those that have grown beyond recognition, but still wish to have taxpayers subsidize you @ItsTime2Pay:***
  • ABA distributed a study titled, “Tax Exemption for Credit Unions: An Unjustifiable $10 Billion Tax Expenditure,” to all Hill tax legislative assistants on Sept. 4.
  • The Missouri Bankers Association will bring Missouri bankers to lobby Missouri’s federal lawmakers on Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

Not sure how to tag lawmakers in your Facebook and Twitter communications? Please refer to this handout