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First Missouri Credit Union Gives Away Gasoline

First Missouri Credit Union (St. Louis) had an early morning gift for customers at the Petro Mart located on South Lindbergh Boulevard in south St. Louis County on Aug. 28. The credit union gave away $4,000 worth of gasoline to customers - with employees of the credit union pumping gas and chatting with drivers about products and services offered by First Missouri Credit Union. The first 200 vehicles that came to the station received cards worth $20 in free gas.

The giveaway is an outreach effort by First Missouri Credit Union to educate consumers about the benefits of credit unions. “We want to educate possible members that banking locally benefits the community and account holders,” says Jana Wolfe, marketing director of First Missouri Credit Union.

Credit union growth is up in recent years, with outreach efforts in place the help spread the word about credit unions and the better rates offered to consumers.

“Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, owned by their members,” says Don Cohenour, president and CEO of the Missouri Credit Union Association. “This means credit unions can offer better rates on checking accounts and loans, in addition to providing non-traditional benefits to the local community–like a gas giveaway promotion. Credit unions truly are consumer focused and are a great asset to the local community."

The First Missouri gas giveaway promotion was included in an article highlighting credit union outreach efforts in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Click here to read the article.