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How Facebook Determines What Appears in News Feed

Quality over quantity—Facebook believes this is the key to happy fans, and its team recently updated the news feed ranking algorithm to reflect this.

But what does that mean? It means Facebook determines what is “high quality content” and prioritizes what appears in your fans’ news feed. This means only 20 percent of the posts from pages you like actually appear in your news feed. Lesser quality content is pushed out, never to be seen again... unless fans visit the actual page and scroll through the timeline.

Facebook uses this updated algorithm to figure out where content falls on the quality scale. This ranking system was based on the results of thousands of surveyed Facebook users. This survey asked questions to find out what actually makes content shareable and likeable. 

“The system uses over a thousand different factors, such as how frequently content from a certain page is reported as low quality (e.g., hiding a page post), how complete the page profile is, and whether the fan base for a particular page overlaps with the fan base of other known high quality pages,” wrote Varun Kacholia on the Facebook For Business blog. “Coming up with an algorithm to detect this is complex, and we will continue to refine it as we get more feedback.”

This update may change the type of content that you share on Facebook. Before you post, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this post timely or relevant?
  • Does this post build credibility or trust with your audience?
  • Will people share this with their friends or recommend it to others?
  • Will my audience want to see this in their News Feeds?

While posting a few times a week is still worthwhile, take a moment, step back and think about that Facebook post before you hit that "Schedule" button. Would you like or share this content if you saw it in your news feed? If the answer is no, rework that post. 

Still a little lost on this subject? Feel free to contact Nora Holloway via email or phone - 314.542.1349.