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Don't Forget to Register for the Collections & Bankruptcy Conference!

Don't forget to register for the 2013 Collections and Bankruptcy Conference. The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) has teamed up with the Kansas Credit Union Association (KCUA) to bring you this 2 day event.  Get ready to help both the members and the credit union weather this financial storm.  Gain a thorough knowledge of collections and bankruptcy in the unique event.

This event will be moderated by Mr. David Reed.  Reed has an extensive background in practicing collections and bankruptcy law for debtors and credit unions.

To register for this event, visit the event's page.


DAY 1: Collections Day 2: Bankruptcy

What Makes Members Pay? 

  • The difference between being in trouble and being delinquent 
  • Collections as a member service 
  • Mapping out key DQ member contact points 
  • Early identification of economically troubled members 
  • Educating all staff on the collections function 
  • Cross selling in a collections environment 
  • Prioritizing collection efforts 
  • Pre-contact preparation 
  • Essential elements of a collections phone call 
  • The art of closing the call 

Creating Fool Proof Collections Processes 

  • Compliance traps and regulatory requirements 
  • Performing a collections 360° analysis and inventory 
  • Creating effective staff incentives 
  • Working with senior management and the board 
  • Tracking effort AND results 
  • Building bridges within the credit union 
  • Defining and celebrating successes 
  • Dealing with difficult members 
  • Overcoming common objections to payment 
  • Identifying liability landmines 

Special Collections: Skips, Repos, Real Estate 

  • Repossession and foreclosure issues 
  • Skip tracing resources and tips 
  • Third party collections 
  • Maximizing recoveries on charged off loans 
  • Agency vs. attorney placement 
  • Real estate collections 
  • Modifications and workouts for real estate loans 
  • NCUA guidance on loss mitigation, foreclosures and loan modifications 
  • Troubled debt restructuring 
  • Understanding and communicating recovery options 
  • Maximizing the mortgage collections cycle 

Bankruptcy Fundamentals 

  • Brief history and “intended purpose” of bankruptcy 
  • Review of key bankruptcy terms and concepts 
  • Overview of the bankruptcy process 
  • Understanding your credit union’s value proposition 
  • Filing trends 
  • Bankruptcy timeline: from reminder to discharge 

Operational Issues in Bankruptcy 

  • What every credit union should be doing after it receives a bankruptcy notice 
  • Bankruptcy checklists 
  • Reaffirmation process and challenges 
  • Limitations on cram down of automobile loans 
  • Debtor’s statement of intent and the ride through problem 
  • When to call your attorney/their attorney 
  • Bullet proof your proof of claim 
  • Utilizing electronic services 

Bankruptcy Recovery and Fraud Control 

  • Leveraging the CU relationship to reduce losses 
  • The right to set off 
  • Achieving relief from the automatic stay 
  • The truth behind voluntary payments 
  • Rights under the cross collateral clause 
  • Motions to dismiss or convert under new means test 
  • Fraud and preference actions 
  • Meeting of creditors tips and tricks 
  • Effective policies and procedures 
  • Real estate loans in bankruptcy 

Regulatory Compliance: Traps in the New Bankruptcy Order 

  • News from the competition: examining bankruptcy attorneys’ marketing strategies 
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and FACT Act violations 
  • Automatic stay violations 
  • Denial of member services 
  • Post discharge injunction