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Credit Unions Share Message “Don’t Tax My Credit Union”

Credit unions in Missouri took the Don’t Tax My Credit Union initiative online July 23 for Don’t Tax Tuesday. Credit unions, their staff and members used Twitter and Facebook to share the #DontTaxMyCU message. Many tagged U.S. Senators and Representatives in their messages, and urged their memberships to do the same.

As credit unions sent messages to Congress, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) reinforced that tax reform is coming. In a Senate floor speech on July 23, Chairman Baucus stated, “We will mark up a tax bill this fall. I don’t like to predict dates because sometimes they change but it will be sometime in September, October or November.”

#Don’tTaxTuesday used social media to send a unified message for credit unions to lawmakers. It’s estimated that 875,397 people saw the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” message, including members of Congress and their followers.  Another 500 messages were tweeted with the #DontTaxMyCU hashtag, but without mentioning a specific member of Congress.

In Missouri, BluCurrent Credit Union, CommunityAmerica Credit Union, St. Louis Community Credit Union​, Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union, Vantage Credit Union and Arsenal Credit Union tweeted multiple messages, along with the Missouri Credit Union Association (@mcua_news) and Credit Unions of Missouri (@CreditUnionsMO) Twitter accounts.

On Facebook, Electro Savings Credit Union, United Credit Union, 1st Financial Federal Credit Union, Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union, Educational Community Credit Union, Poplar Bluff Federal Credit Union, Vantage Credit Union, St. Louis Community Credit Union, River Region Credit Union, Arsenal Credit Union, Mazuma Credit Union, Missouri Credit Union Association and Credit Unions of Missouri shared the Don’t Tax My Credit Union message. Many included original content specifically designed for Don’t Tax Tuesday. CSD Credit Union shared members’ stories, explaining how the credit union helps them succeed financially.

Even though Don’t Tax Tuesday has passed, continued action with the credit union tax status fight is needed using social media, email contacts, websites and more. Many credit unions are dedicating an entire web page to the Don’t Tax My Credit Union initiative. CommunityAmerica Credit Union’s website features a video message from CEO Dennis Pierce.

Arsenal Credit Union and Electro Savings Credit Union both sent out email communications to thousands of members, asking them to visit and write members of Congress in support of the credit union tax status.

“The question isn’t why did we engage our members in this battle and ask for their support, the question is why not?” says Stan Moeckli, president/CEO of Electro Savings Credit Union. “Our members are our owners and stakeholders. It is our responsibility to them to engage them in this fight. How would we explain it to them if we lose the fight and they did not know what was on the line? As a member-owner of Electro Savings, I would be upset with my credit union if I wasn’t made aware.”

Between May 22 and July 24, Missouri’s U.S. Senators and Representatives received 9,634 contacts in support of credit union efforts. Nationwide, the total is 504,901 contacts. Contact from every credit union in Missouri is needed to reach the entire Missouri Congressional delegation. To take action, visit or call toll-free 877-642-4223

Your Efforts Not Listed?

If your credit union participated in Don’t Tax Tuesday or Don’t Tax My Credit Union efforts this week and is not listed here, please contact and share your news.

“Stories from members make a big impact with lawmakers, and connecting a credit union to a real person and real story brings the credit union tax status issue to life,” explains Amy McLard, senior vice president of Advocacy.  “Continued communications are needed as this issue heats up in Congress and we get closer to a tax bill.”

If you have any questions about  the Don’t Tax My Credit Union effort, please contact Amy McLard via email or phone at 314.542.1370. For credit union advocacy news, follow Amy on Twitter at @AmyMcLard and Credit Unions of Missouri at @CreditUnionsMO.