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Credit Unions Need to Engage Staff, Members in Tax Status Fight

There's one week to act before a Senate deadline regarding comprehensive tax reform takes effect.

Missouri credit union staff, volunteers and members have made 7,054 contacts with members of Congress between May 22 and July 10 - but more contacts are needed.  Most of the contacts are being made through the Don’t Tax My Credit Union website or the toll free number (877-642-4223). The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) encourages credit unions to educate and engage members in the "Don't Tax My Credit Union" effort.

Federal lawmakers are starting with a blank piece of paper when it comes to comprehensive tax reform. As it stands, all tax exemptions - including credit unions' exemption regarding the federal income tax on profits - do NOT exist. The goal for credit unions nationwide is to make sure lawmakers recognize and include credit unions in the list of tax exemptions that must be retained in their tax reform efforts. 

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) discussed the comprehensive tax reform issue this past week with U.S. Senate staff members.  "We are working to make sure both Senators McCaskill and Blunt know the impact this would have on consumers in the state if the tax status was removed," states Amy McLard, senior vice president of Advocacy.  "The most important thing credit union leaders can do is to make sure the offices are receiving messages from your members, so it is clear that credit union taxation would affect real people back home."

Be heard! U.S. Senators have been asked to provide feedback on tax reform by July 26, 2013. MCUA urges credit unions to encourage staff, volunteers and members to reach out to federal lawmakers, including Missouri's U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt, by July 25.

To contact Missouri's federal lawmakers, visit the Don’t Tax My Credit Union website and click on the “Take Action” link. To engage and activate membership, state-specific credit union stories are available at MCUA’s Credit Union Advocates of Missouri website. Credit unions with a positive credit union news story or that are engaging members in the Don’t Tax My Credit Union effort, are encouraged to share that information with MCUA at

It’s a social world out there, and there are a number of ways to drive home the Don’t Tax My Credit Union message via the DTMCU Facebook page or Twitter feed. It's as simple as sharing a status or retweeting CUNA Advocacy's tweets. Additionally, CUNA's Tax Advocacy Toolkit offers multiple resources to share with credit unions’ staff, volunteers and membership.

Contact Amy McLard by email or 314.542.1370 for more information or assistance.

Image via Credit Union House