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Three Tips to Make Facebook Manageable

To Facebook or not to Facebook? That is the question—at least for many credit unions in Missouri. In today's world, more people are turning to social media as one of their primary ways to communicate, especially when it comes to interacting with businesses. That’s why a sweeping majority of credit unions in Missouri have opted to create social media business pages and accounts.

So you have your credit union’s Facebook page all set up, and now you’re not sure how often to post or how to add managing a Facebook page to your daily duties. Don’t fret! Facebook can be quite manageable if you utilize a few social media tricks.

This dropdown menu allows you to quickly switch from using Facebook as your credit union's page or your personal account. 
Listen, Follow and Interact

Use Facebook as your credit union. To do this, use the dropdown menu from the gear at the far right (in the dark blue banner at the top of the page). Now that you have switched to your credit union, find pages that are relevant to your credit union, your members and potential members. Like pages of local businesses that you have relationships with or the pages of local organizations, such as the city government or nonprofits.

Once you’ve liked a page, you can stay informed of everything from the home page (or news feed) of your credit union. You can access this when you're using Facebook as your credit union. Try to like at least one or two statuses a day, and comment whenever you have something to add to the conversation. 

Also, you can find some really shareable material within your credit union's news feed, such as local events, emergency info or weather alerts.

Time Management

Set aside 10 minutes in the morning or afternoon to see what’s going on. Visit your credit union’s news feed and check to see if anyone has commented on any of the pictures or statuses posted to your credit union’s page.

Notifications don’t always work, so it’s important that you visit it at least once every other day. You wouldn’t want any negative comments lingering out there.

It’s a good idea to set a time limit on these daily interactions. Facebook can hurt your productivity if you let it. Setting a timer on your phone is a great way to avoid getting pulled too far into Facebook.

Scheduling your credit union's Facebook posts   ahead of time can save you some major headaches. 
Planning Ahead

You can schedule posts ahead of time for your credit union. Set aside some time once every week, every few weeks or month to plan out any activities that your credit union might be hosting or participating in. While not every post can be scheduled ahead of time, planning a few each week (or couple of weeks) ensures that your Facebook stays fresh and more appealing to members and potential members.

To begin scheduling, make sure that you’re using Facebook as your credit union.

  1. Upload your photo or enter the text for your post. 
  2. Instead of hitting post, click on the small grey clock at the far left, directly under the status box. Once you hit the clock, you'll have the option to insert the year, month, date, hour and minute to publish the post.
  3. Once you have scheduled a post you can view the update in your “Activity Log,” which is located under the “Edit Page” dropdown menu at the very top of your Facebook page.

These are just a few ways to make managing that Facebook page a little bit easier. As you manage your page, you’ll pick up other tricks of the trade.

Please feel free to contact Nora with any Facebook questions or general social media queries. You can contact her via phone (314.542.1349) or email.