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Glenna Osborn Reflects on 25 Years at MCCU

June 6, 2013 marked the 25th year that Glenna Osborn has worked at Missouri Central Credit Union (MCCU). Her career with MCCU began on June 6, 1988, and she started as a loan clerk. 

"I pulled credit reports on the TTY machine with thermal paper once each morning, answered member phone inquiries, and filed documents that don’t even exist today," she says of her duties as a loan clerk.

Today, Glenna is the president of MCCU, a member of the Missouri Corporate Board and a member of the Missouri Credit Union Association Board. A luncheon was held to commemorate this milestone on June 10, 2013. 

Since she has such a full history with credit unions, we asked her a few questions about how MCCU has changed over the years and any future predictions for the credit union. 

How has MCCU changed during your career?

The biggest change is in technology and the delivery channels. One obvious change is in the way we communicate with members. In 1988, MCCU didn’t even have a fax machine much less the Internet, and who would have thought to look for a member on Facebook.

Member expectations have changed too. We are more member driven. We have to work to earn and keep our members’ business and loyalty because there are more choices than ever before for their financial services. 

What has been your favorite part of working at MCCU?

For me the best part of working at MCCU is knowing that every day my credit union plays a significant role in helping members and staff be successful.    

Is there a moment that really proved working at a credit union was what you were meant to do? 

Years ago, I counseled a member who had less than stellar credit for several years. There were times when I talked to him as if I were his mom. Now he is a successful business owner and one of our best members. 

Another member experience that I had early on in my career was when a member got an RV loan and I convinced him to accept the credit disability coverage. Several months later, he called to file a claim. He never returned to work and the coverage paid his loan in full. The coverage allowed this member to enjoy the RV that he otherwise would have had to sell which he thanked me for many times. I used this member’s story many times to show other borrowers the benefit of choosing the coverage. It made me feel so good to know that this member was able to enjoy his life on disability because of a choice I helped him to make.

Where do you see yourself and your credit union in five years?

MCCU will continue to evolve to meet member needs and expectations. My goal is for all of our members to understand that their credit union is a member-owned cooperative that exists for no other reason than to serve their needs. 

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) would like to thank Glenna for sharing her experiences with us, and we congratulate her on her many accomplishments over the years.

Pictured: MCCU President Glenna Osborn received a special surprise on her 25th anniversary.