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Project Zip Code Helps Lawmakers Know Your Members Exist

June is Project Zip Code Month in Missouri.  The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) is asking all credit unions to run - or re-run -  Project Zip Code (PZC) this month.  PZC is a secure computer program that helps determine how many credit union members reside in state and federal legislative districts.  Credit union participation is essential to accurately reflect the number of credit union members in each legislative district across the state.

With Project Zip Code, credit unions show Missouri’s elected officials how many credit union members are in their district.  This information demonstrates the size and strength of the credit union movement to lawmakers and makes it less likely lawmakers will pass legislation that negatively affects credit unions.  PZC also provides additional marketing tools for credit unions.

MCUA mailed PZC information to each Missouri credit union.  Information sent to credit unions that have run PZC before includes log-ins and passwords.  Credit unions that have not run the program before simply need to log in and get started. The most recent PZC program, version 13.0, is available online at: The website also includes a user manual and frequently asked questions.

In order to have updated Project Zip Code totals before federal legislative visits in August, credit unions are asked to run Project Zip Code by June 28.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the MCUA Advocacy Department at 800.392.3074 or

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