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Peggy Nalls To Retire from MCUA

Today, the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) announced that Chief Advocacy Officer Peggy Nalls will be retiring effective the end of June. She oversees the state and federal advocacy efforts and regulatory compliance.

“Working at the Missouri Credit Union Association has given me the opportunity to collaborate with the very best people,” said Nalls of her time at MCUA. “I feel so blessed to have worked with so many wonderfully genuine people—credit union members, employees and leaders alike. I have always felt like I was representing the good guys in the white hats.”

Prior to Nalls’ time at MCUA, she moved to Texas and was employed as a copywriter at a radio station. She quickly was promoted to an on-air news reporter, later being named president for the station. Upon returning to Missouri, she joined MCUA in 1993.

In her nearly two decades at MCUA, she has been an integral part of various departments. She began in the training and education area and then was named Director of Communications. Among her accomplishments, she earned the Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE) designation. 

“When banks started to attack credit unions, there was a real need for someone to get credit union representatives involved in the legislative process, and also someone to talk with government officials on behalf of credit unions,” said Nalls. “With my background in communications, I decided to step into this new position. While it entailed a lot of late nights and hard work, I would not change a thing.”

Nalls feels her two major accomplishments in this area were her ability to manage the strategy behind advocacy initiatives and organizing grassroots efforts.

“In my years at the association, I have grown to respect and appreciate the tireless devotion that Peggy has given to promoting the credit movement in Missouri,” said Don Cohenour, MCUA president/CEO. “I have counted on her every day to guide our strategies with advocacy at the state and national level.”

“Since Missouri’s 2013 legislative session recently came to a close, many of the state-level issues will not be actionable until the next session,” said Cohenour. “For the time being, our advocacy and compliance team can maintain these advocacy efforts. However, the Chief Advocacy Officer is an extremely important part of the Missouri Credit Union Association. To find someone as qualified as Peggy will be truly difficult, but we will fill the position as soon as possible.”

In addition to the CAO position, MCUA will be expanding its senior management by hiring a Chief Operating Officer (COO). There are immediate plans to fill this position. 

Despite her plans to retire, Nalls will continue to be an advocate for credit unions, and she shared that she sees herself responding to future call to actions—only this time she will be acting on a personal level.

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