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Advocacy Tools Added to MCUA Arsenal

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) recently added new web and social media channels to support its advocacy efforts on behalf of credit unions in Missouri. The purpose of the Credit Unions of Missouri website, Facebook page and Twitter feed is to highlight the credit union difference, provide a forum explaining why the credit union tax status exists and what credit unions do to help people.  It includes real stories about real people being helped by credit unions and the real truth about banks and taxes.

Consistent updates to these channels is crucial as MCUA continues to drive traffic and educate visitors. MCUA would appreciate information and photos showing credit unions in action, as well as member stories to highlight.  Video, audio or other media is also appreciated. If your credit union provides financial tips or other consumer-friendly information and would be willing to have those shared on the  site, please forward those as well. Use MCUA's online form to tell us your story and forward photos and video. We'll take it from there.

Additional Resources:

To see updates on state and federal legislative issues from the Missouri Credit Union Association Advocacy Team, please follow:

Peggy Nalls, MCUA Chief Advocacy Officer
Twitter: @NallsPeggy

Amy McLard, MCUA VP of Federal Legislative Affairs:
Twitter:  @AmyMcLard 

David Kent, MCUA Political Specialist:
Twitter:  @dkent_mcua