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CEO Summit to Focus on Strategy and Forecasting

Credit unions offer the best products and services for consumers. It is important for your credit union to have a good strategic plan in place to foster growth. As the CEO of your credit union, it's your job to lead your team to success.

At the CEO Summit, we will explore some of the trends that are impacting credit unions right now (consumer, competition, and politico-economic) to create a dialogue about where credit unions need to focus energies so they can grow and remain relevant to consumers. We will facilitate a creative planning session in which participants are encouraged to bring their current strategies and an open mind to reconsider them. Some ideas will challenge your current thinking and others may reinforce it. At the end of the session, though, participants should walk away with one or two key strategic imperatives which they should consider implementing at their credit unions to help ensure healthy growth for years to come.

This year’s CEO Summit is scheduled for July 9-10 at Camden on the Lake in Lake Ozark. If you’d like to bring another person from your credit union, we’d love for them to attend. Not able to attend? Then send your COO or the person responsible for setting and implementing your credit union’s strategic goals.

Tuesday's agenda includes an optional golf outing at Osage National Golf Course, sponsored by The Baker Group.

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