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TruStage: A New Brand, a New Resource

For more than 75 years, the companies behind TruStage™ have worked with America's credit unions in serving members from coast to coast.  The relationship is built on trust, collaboration and a common focus to help members achieve their highest potential and do more with what they have.

Not surprisingly, over the past eight decades, credit union members have changed and evolved. Their lives are intertwined with technology and the need for information. This realization, along with the original credit union mission, inspired the creation of TruStage insurance products and programs exclusively for credit union members.  TruStage insurance products are made available to members through CUNA Mutual Group’s MemberCONNECT ® program.

As part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment, the new TruStage brand aspires to grow the consumer business and create deeper, stronger member relationships. Across a variety of channels and media, TruStage helps members get the information they need, make intelligent choices and be empowered to protect those who matter most. The experience is even co-branded with their credit unions, backed by decades of trust and strength.

A key part of their new consumer focus is learning more about the stories, journeys and emotions of credit union members. What are their mindsets? What are they thinking about? What really matters to them? With primary research, answers to those questions can provide credit union partners with important data about their members.  And just as important, ways can be found to engage credit union members to reinforce the benefits and advantages of credit union membership.

As an example, click here for recent research results about credit union members and how they celebrate the holidays. You can find a colorful infographic online.  Feel free to use it in any of your publications or online.

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