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CUAid Update: Donations Still Needed for Sandy Relief

Over a month after Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) is encouraging additional support from the credit union community to continue to assist credit union people affected by the disaster.  Since October 31, NCUF has raised and distributed over $260,000 to credit union employees, volunteers, and members, but there are still numerous applications for assistance remaining.

“The response from the credit union system thus far has been absolutely outstanding,” said Tom Candell, NCUF Deputy Executive Director, COO/CFO. “It’s not typical for NCUF to continue to fundraise this long after disaster strikes, but it’s also rare for us to have so many credit union people that can still benefit from assistance. We’d like to help as many people as possible get back on their feet, so any and all additional support is appreciated.”

To date, $121,000 in CUAid funds has been distributed in aid to 94 credit union employees, volunteers, and members in New York, while $141,000 has been disbursed to 161 credit union people in New Jersey. There are still many unfunded applications remaining from credit union people affected by Hurricane Sandy, with more possible.

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"We have started to distribute the CU Aid checks to affected members and credit union employees. It's been amazing to see their gratitude. They have seen their lives turned upside down by Hurricane Sandy and these funds are helping them through this very difficult time," said Paul Gentile, President/CEO of the New Jersey Credit Union League. "We are touched by the tremendous support we continue to get from credit unions and system players throughout the country. There is still so much more work to do here on the ground, so I can't say enough how vital the ongoing CU Aid contributions are in helping us change people's lives."

“There are still so many people suffering losses caused by Hurricane Sandy that need our help. Many will spend their holidays in temporary shelters, and often separated from their loved ones. Please join me in continued support of this vital cause,” said William J. Mellin, President/CEO of the Credit Union Association of New York. “In addition, my gratitude to all those that have already given to CUAid.”

Credit union supporters in every state can make donations at CUAid is the only program of its kind that enables credit union employees, volunteers, and members, as well as credit unions and credit union organizations across the U.S., to contribute directly to support other credit union people.

NCUF has been coordinating with the New Jersey Credit Union League and the Credit Union Association of New York to distribute money efficiently to affected credit union employees and members. 100% of the donations through CUAid goes to credit union disaster relief. In the event that all donations are not used for Hurricane Sandy relief, NCUF will transfer any and all unused funds to its "General Disaster Relief fund" for future disaster relief efforts.


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