News from Mid-Kansas Credit Union and Together Credit Union

Published 11.15.22


Mid-Kansas Credit Union adds to Moundridge branch

A newer addition to Mid-Kansas Credit Union's main location in Moundridge has recently left an impression on our team during a visit. 

The credit union had outgrown the facility, and its board reached out to a local construction company. The project nearly doubled the size of the credit union and added new offices, a conference room, restroom, storage room and more. Additionally, minor renovations and updates were made.

Kudos to Mid-Kansas Credit Union for creating a beautiful and functional space that better serves their employees and members. 

DASA announces partnership with Together Credit Union

As a part of the partnership, Together Credit Union becomes the official sponsor of DASA's Summer competition teams and makes an organizational commitment to support DASA's volunteer needs during select practices, competitions, and special events. DASA hosts over 500 programming events annually, many of which require volunteers to provide an exceptional experience to our athletes.

"Partnering with an established, community-centered non-profit organization like Together Credit Union, which prioritizes connecting resources and support to those in need, expands DASA’s geographic reach to impact more people throughout the St. Louis Region in need of our programming and services", said Kelly Behlmann, Founder and Executive Director of DASA.

“DASA athletes are some of the most remarkable individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Their tenaciousness to achieve more than society believes they can do is as inspiring as it is motivating. We hope this partnership enables DASA to expand awareness of their services, outreach in underserved communities, and innovation on and off the field in the St. Louis Metro Area,” said Tom Kraus, Chief Operating Officer at Together Credit Union.