Better together does not mean one size fits all

Published 8.3.22

As our association continues to run through due diligence with the Cornerstone League, we are optimistic and excited for the future. The more we learn about each other, the clearer it is that we’re better together.  

While the merger will expand our region as an association, each state will continue to maintain its own identity. Cornerstone League values the sub-associations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas for their distinctive identities, and Kansas and Missouri will receive the same respect and consideration for our unique contributions.

Though each state will exist under the Cornerstone League banner, “one size fits all” has never been the outlook and never will be.     

Heartland Credit Union Association employees continue to receive positive feedback from credit union leaders, which confirms that the consolidation makes sense. Not only do we share a contiguous geographic region, but we also share similar demographics, political goals, and membership ideals.  

Visit our merger resource page for more information.

Merger resources

Here are a few ways that credit unions will benefit from this consolidation:    

  • Even more effective advocacy, as regional oversight can improve federal coordination on local threats from banking trades 
  • A diverse talent pool creating opportunities for innovation and adding bench depth
  • Additional opportunities for products and services
  • Strengthened member support and education in each geographic market 
  • Expanded member networking options    

Learn more at upcoming informational events where HCUA Board Chair James Nastars and Caroline Willard, president & CEO of Cornerstone League, will share information about this possible merger. There will also be time for questions.