CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) solutions for credit unions

Published 9.20.22

CUNA Strategic Services (CSS), a key business partner of the Heartland Credit Union Association and has several products/solutions your credit union might find beneficial.

To learn more about 20/20 Analytics, 3SI, Agility or SilverSky, contact your member solutions team member.

20/20 Analytics

Are you prepared for CECL?

2020 Analytics’ understanding of both the expectations of financial statement auditors and the challenges faced by credit unions make them uniquely qualified to tackle CECL.
2020 Analytics’ Software Portal allows users to:

  • Evaluate qualitative and environmental factors specific to your lending areas
  • Personalize your assumptions and quantify the impact of multiple possible economic outcomes
  • Select different CECL methodologies for individual portfolio segments
  • Compare how reserves stack up against historical results

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Security solutions for small credit unions

In this webinar, 3SI security expert Scott Kaplan discusses how increased use of technology available to credit unions has affected operations, security, compliance, audit, and more. Learn how to protect the 5 different and vulnerable zones in your branches to keep your staff, members, and assets safe.

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2022 Recovery trends

As we’ve seen, natural disasters and climate-related interruptions are on the rise nationwide. However, at Agility, we’ve noticed a shift in our customers needing our assistance in the last quarter that we wanted to share. Connect with a business continuity specialist to learn more about how the ever-changing landscape of business continuity could impact your credit union.

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Retaining Top Level Talent is a MUST 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports an increase of 5.5% in compensation costs over the year, with wages and salaries increase of 5.7% over the same time.

A great way to retain and attract top talent is by offering a competitive benefits package. Learn how Newtek can assist you in doing just that through industry leading health & benefit programs designed specifically for credit unions. 

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Is Your MDR Actually MDA?

There are thousands of providers that list managed detection and response (MDR) as a service offering, and nearly as many variations of what those offerings include. How can you know if you’re getting true MDR – or just managed detection and “alerts“(MDA), which leaves the “R” up to you? Check out 3 ways to make sure you’ll get actionable responses – not just noise – from your vendor. 

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