News from White Eagle Credit Union and Meritrust Credit Union

Published 5.21.2021

Credit unions steadfastly hold to their mission to serve their members and communities. The staff of White Eagle Credit Union (Augusta, KS) raised $1,000 for a local charity that helps neglected and abused children, and Meritrust Credit Union (Wichita, KS) hosts a "Win $2,021" campaign that rewards members. 

White Eagle Credit Union: Not for profit, but for service

White Eagle Credit Union (WECU) presented a check to the Sunlight Children's Services for $1,000.  During the month of April, WECU teamers elected to wear jeans to raise awareness for children's abuse month for $25 donation to Sunlight.

Sunlight Children's Services mission is simple: To provide resources and facilities that support and protect abused and neglected children and their families. Though the mission is simple, fulfilling it is anything but. 

Meritrust rewards members for using credit union card

Meritrust Credit Union and its members celebrated the better days of 2021 with the “Win $2,021” campaign. The campaign’s tagline was “What could you do with $2,021?” and the messaging for the campaign celebrated the hopeful feeling in the community as we head to spring 2021.

For this campaign, members were entered to win every time they used their debit or credit card for payments. The three winners were selected randomly. 

“We were looking for a way to help our communities move beyond the exceptional year that was 2020,” says James Nastars, president/CEO of Meritrust Credit Union. “A cash giveaway seemed like the perfect way to do that, while also tying into our commitment to serving our members’ financial well-being. We were proud to be able to offer this giveaway and congratulate our three members who each won $2,021.”


young woman holds giant check for $2,021

elderly man and his wife stand next to giant check for $2,021 from Meritrust Credit Union

man and young daughter stand next giant check for $2,021 and female staffer of meritrust credit union