Open Your Eyes update including post-pandemic insights and ads "in the wild"

Published 7.21.21

A benefit of the Open Your Eyes campaign is the access to research conducted by CU Awareness. The latest research shows it’s reassuring to see that economic recovery is underway. Here's a few takeaways:

Safety and security messages are more important than ever
Google Trends Search Data shows that breakout search topics related to “credit unions” feature questions about safety, including “are credit unions safer than banks” and “are credit unions FDIC insured.”

Digital-first remains a priority
A perception gap still exists: Millennials view credit unions as friendly but not tech-savvy.

Younger consumers appreciate FinFluencers
“Finfluencers” (financial influencers) are popular with young adults (particularly Gen Y women) for their candid attitudes around financial stability, their willingness to be honest and vulnerable, and their ability to break financial taboos.

Dive deeper into the research

Need more? Get detailed insights by watching the June 2021 research, insights and strategy webinar from Katie Hankinson, Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy at The Sasha Group. 

Watch the webinar

*This webinar is hosted on vimeo. Having trouble accessing it? Contact Susan Dyer, 800.392.3074, x1362.

Open Your Eyes paid ads “in the wild”

We often hear our campaign contributors say, “I don’t ever see OYE ads.” Great news! This means the paid digital campaign is working as intended. Our paid campaign is designed to target consumers in launched states ages 25-55 who are in-market for financial services. Here are some screenshots that show what the ads look like “in the wild.”

The ads direct consumer to where they are educated on credit unions, and can find one near them.

The campaign is working - we must continue our support in Kansas and Missouri

The campaign is showing results in the areas it has been running the longest! 

If you haven’t yet joined as a contributor, now is the time to join your friends in Kansas and Missouri!

If you are already a contributor – please help us continue the momentum and thank you for your continued support! Be watching for communication from CU Awareness about renewing your commitment to opening consumer's eyes to credit unions.