Open Your Eyes sets out to solve problems

Published 5.7.21

The Open Your Eyes initiative is aimed at solving problems that have plagued our industry for years.

Stagnant credit union market share.

Credit union market share has been stuck at 7% for decades.

Aging membership.

The average age of a credit union member is 47-55 years.

Deep misperceptions about eligibility and lack of access.

Consumers think they can't join and it will be hard to access their money.

The Open Your Eyes digital ads reach consumers who are actively looking for financially solutions based on their online behavior.

The ads direct consumer to where they are educated on credit unions, and can find one near them.

Target consumers who are in market for financial solutions

From the Your Money Further website – participating credit unions can capture that target audience in a variety of ways.

  • Add specific links on your locator listing to direct consumers to your join page.
  • Use audience to target those same consumers with their specific credit union branding.
  • Include Open Your Eyes messaging on your website to help consumers connect the dots between the high level “credit union” brand campaign and your “specific credit union” branding.

The research shows it’s working

The legendary “Got Milk” campaign (which aimed to increase awareness of the benefits of drinking milk) ran for 20 YEARS. Our increase in consideration will take years, not months.

Open Your Eyes is just now on its third year, and consumers are engaging with the ads. From July 2020 – March 2021, 4.56+ million consumers visited The average age of those engaging with the campaign? 32 years.

Let’s continue our support in Kansas and Missouri

The campaign is showing results in the areas it has been running the longest! 

If you haven’t yet joined as a contributor, now is the time to join your friends in Kansas and Missouri!

If you are already a contributor – please help us continue the momentum and thank you for your continued support!