Open Your Eyes makes positive impact on consumer sentiment 

Published 9.23.21

Active in 27 states across the country, the campaign has logged over 9 million consumer visits to the website. The campaign has raised nationwide consumer consideration for credit unions as checking/savings account providers from 13% to 19% and as lenders from 14% to 22%.

Aligning with the credit union mission

According to CU Awareness, analysis of the website traffic found those who engage most with the program and take action to seek more information closely connect with the credit union mission – to support vulnerable communities and to serve those who have been traditionally underserved by other financial institutions:

Over 60% of consumers who visit have household incomes of $50K or less.
About 67% of site visitors are non-white, 29% identify as African-American, and 33% identify as Hispanic.
Nearly 60% of site visitors have no college education and 52% have children.
Consumers who engage with the campaign are 2.3x more likely to also be searching for credit, debit, and personal finance education.

Let’s continue our support in Kansas and Missouri

The campaign is showing results in the areas it has been running the longest! 

If you haven’t yet joined as a contributor, now is the time to join your friends in Kansas and Missouri!

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