CUs turn to CU Loan Source during historic deposit growth

Updated 9.14.21

Several credit unions in our region have recently turned to CU Loan Source as a solution for dealing with the recent high deposit growth they have experienced in the last year. 
CU Loan Source is a full-service originator of prime/super-prime indirect auto loans through a network of franchise dealers across eight states. Participating credit unions can put amounts starting at $250K in this low-risk investment that provides above-average returns. Monthly pools ensure your investment is reflective of current pricing and risk.

"Even before COVID, credit unions with excess liquidity sought a solution to earn yield from those dollars. Now, more than ever, credit unions rely on the performance of CU Loan Source pools to drive income from even higher amounts of liquidity," shared Tim Loveless, HCUA regional director. 
CU Loan Source has a proven 15-year track record of lending and the yields from their participation pools have been far better than the CD investment yields currently available in this rate environment. 

If you want to learn more, please contact your member solutions representative or call 800.392.3074. Or if you are attending our Convention & Annual Meeting, Oct 6-8, swing by booth 116 to talk to CU Loan Source and thank them for sponsoring happy hour!