League system steps up in huge way to support credit unions during pandemic

Published 12.14.20

A recent American Association of Credit Union Leagues (AACUL) survey reveals the breadth and depth of support Leagues have provided to credit unions to help them effectively navigate the pandemic. All 35 AACUL members (including us!) participated in the survey representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The results demonstrate the collective power of League advocacy and Leagues’ commitment to credit unions and their 123 million members. 

Since mid-March, credit union leagues have held over 2,700 meetings with legislators, regulatory agencies, governors’ offices and leadership. In addition, leagues have hosted 1,475 different lawmakers and regulators - at both the state and federal level - to engage in dialogue with credit unions virtually.  

The League System leveraged well-established relationships with policymakers to advocate for credit unions, influencing 245 pandemic-related bills, governors’ orders and regulations. These ranged from designating credit unions as essential services to remote notarization laws to making mortgage forbearance voluntary for credit unions.

Since travel was not required, the virtual environment boosted turnout for Hike the Hill events. 3,560 credit union employees and board members directly engaged with members of Congress, sharing priorities and articulating the credit union difference.

“The collaboration among leagues during this pandemic is a true testament to our movement – and credit unions nationwide have benefited greatly from this cooperation. It’s impressive how effectively and efficiently leagues have been operating on behalf of their credit unions. By openly sharing resources, expertise and key learnings, leagues have been able to provide the upmost value for their credit unions,” said Brad Miller executive director of the American Association of Credit Union Leagues. “I’ve never been prouder to represent the League System as AACUL’s executive director.”

Just as collaboration among leagues has been key to supporting credit unions during these unprecedented times, so has league facilitation of collaboration among credit unions.  Leagues hosted 1,275 virtual meetings including town halls, forums, webinars, CEO calls, council calls, educational events, featuring almost 850 subject matter experts to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among credit unions and to inform credit unions about compliance, regulatory, HR and other pressing pandemic issues. 

In addition, the League System also pivoted by adjusting 460 previously scheduled in-person events to be virtual. Over 4,300 resources were provided to credit unions through league COVID-19 microsites.

In addition to all the advocacy efforts and measures taken to support credit unions operationally, the Leagues System also donated almost $3.7 million to credit unions and community organizations in support of COVID relief.