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Send Us Your Good News

Has your credit union made a difference in your community? Of course it has! 

At the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA), we're always on the lookout for stories about our credit unions and how they help their community—whether it’s an innovative financial education campaign or a compelling charitable effort. If you let us know about these activities, not only will we share them on the MCUA website, we will forward it on to the national level, such as Credit Union National Association (CUNA). 

For example, CUNA’s News Now representatives revealed they were planning an interview series on credit unions across the country. The series will focus on credit unions’ efforts among potential members and their communities. It's our goal to be up-to-date on our credit unions' community outreach programs, so when opportunities like this arise we can ask that they feature your good deeds. That means your positive influence will gain national exposure. 

It's an important point in time to illustrate the many reasons why credit unions benefit their members and even nonmembers. So represent credit unions in Missouri and share that story!

Please send your story and pictures to MCUA Public Relations Director Nora Holloway via email.