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It’s important for lawmakers to hear directly from credit union leaders, volunteers and members about credit union issues. There are many ways to get involved and take part in credit union advocacy efforts.

  • Sign up to be a Credit Union Advocate. Get advocacy information in advance and serve as a resource on key issues. Each credit union is asked to have at least one person on staff active with the Credit Union Advocates, and volunteers are welcome, too. 
  • Contact lawmakers on credit union issues and concerns. Any time you receive a Call to Action from HCUA, use HCUA’s Center for Legislative Action to quickly and effectively reach your elected officials. You can also find your legislators via this link.
  • Have your credit union participate in the Member Activation Program (MAP).
  • Social media is another way to stay on top of credit union advocacy issues. Follow HCUA’s Facebook page and Twitter account

Credit Union Advocates Program    

Credit Union Advocates is intended as a core group of credit union leaders – presidents, managers, volunteers, and/or staff members involved in the community – who step up advocacy efforts on the federal, state and regulatory level.  Each credit union is asked to have at least one person on staff as part of the Credit Union Advocates to serve as the credit union’s grassroots/legislative coordinator.

Activities range from meeting with your state and federal representatives, providing the Association with information on local candidates, and attending governmental affairs events at the state capitol and Washington, D.C., to promoting fundraising activities for political action, writing and reporting on these outreach efforts in newsletters and at chapter meetings, and organizing letter-writing campaigns on targeted legislative issues. 

All politics are local. Making sure lawmakers take notice of credit union concerns and issues starts with you! There are many ways you and your credit union can take part in grassroots advocacy and make a difference. 


Resources & Helpful Links:

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