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Fraud Protection

Advanced Fraud SolutionsThe best way to fight fraud is to prevent it. That's why Advanced Fraud Solutions takes an innovative, proactive approach to identifying fraud and risk for credit unions. The tools developed by Advanced Fraud Solutions have been tested and proven successful. Learn more below. 

  • Prevent check loss at the frontline with TrueChecks™ from Advanced Fraud Solutions. TrueChecks identifies counterfeit, NSF, and closed account issues in real-time at the teller window. It provides tellers with Reg CC-compliant hold recommendations and integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. 
  • Too many financial institutions currently rely on VISA CAMS alerts to combat fraud due to merchant compromise. But it often takes weeks to determine which cards are at risk. TrueCards® is the only package that allows institutions to determine the true point of compromise and block the cards at risk almost immediately.
  • Early Warning is collaborating with Advanced Fraud Solutions to help financial institutions identify high-risk paper transactions - without the need for additional hardware installation. Advanced Fraud Solutions' enhanced offering delivers DEPOSIT CHEK® service data to the frontline staff to with a real time, web based solution for every teller in the organization.

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