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CUNA Awards

CUNA Awards are now open for submissions! The deadline to submit is July 31, 2020. CUNA has extended the deadline to July 31 to allow credit unions to submit pandemic-related programming for consideration for an award.

Credit unions in Kansas and Missouri do great things for their members and communities every single day. It's time to be recognized for your efforts! CUNA's National Award programs are designed to encourage and recognize distinguished credit unions that demonstrate social responsibility, the credit union philosophy, and financial education.  

View guidelines, timeline and scoring information. (Only those submissions meeting the designated criteria will be recognized as first or second place winners).

What's the difference between the awards?

Kansas awards homepage (includes FAQs, information about each award, submission links).
Missouri awards homepage (includes FAQs, information about each award, submission links).

The Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Award is given to a credit union or chapter for its social responsibility projects within the community. 
The award is given for external activities.

Examples: internship programs, charity fund raising, support for public events, donation to social service programs, VITA or EITC assistance, lobbying or advocacy on behalf of K-12, financial education, support for teacher training.


The Louise Herring Philosophy in Action Award is given to a credit union to formally recognize demonstration of its practical application of credit union philosophy in action for its members.

Examples: special loan modification program, wealth-building or debt-reduction incentive program, outreach to underserved population, student-run in-school or campus branch, credit union difference campaign, predatory lending alternative, support for member ESL instruction.


The Alphonse Desjardins Award recognizes credit unions and chapters for their financial education efforts.It considers all activities supporting personal finance education for both youth and adults.

Examples of youth activities: classroom presentation series, credit prerequisite course, NEFE HSFPP instruction for underserved group, online personal finance curriculum, live group budgeting simulation, special savers/borrowers club, peer-to-peer financial counseling.

Examples of adult activities: group seminar or webinar, online Q&A with expert, instruction of underserved group, presentation series to SEG group, instruction at personal finance events, one-on-one financial counseling or credit report review, regular personal finance segment in local media.



  • Credit unions should submit in the state their credit union is chartered in. 
  • Featured activities must have taken place between June 2019 and July 2020.
  • Deadline is July 31, 2020
  • A $25 fee is required for each entry. Send your check to: Heartland Credit Union Association, Attn:  Sharon Bahr, 2043 Woodland Parkway, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO  63146


11:59 p.m., July 31 Credit union entries due to HCUA
Aug 3 - Aug 14 Judging
August 21 Winning state entries due to CUNA
Late August Kansas and Missouri state winners announced
October CUNA announces national winners

Credit union entries submitted to us will be judged by other state league representatives. 

  • You must receive at least 80% of the maximum points to be considered a first or second place winner.
  • Entries with the highest score above 80% of the maximum points receive first place recognition and moves on to national judging. Only one entry per category or asset size will move on to the national judging.
  • The next highest score above 80% will receive second place recognition.
  • In the event of a tie, another judge may be asked to judge the entries.
  Dora Maxwell Louise Herring Desjardins (Youth and Adult)
Total points possible 100 110 120
Minimum points needed to be
considered a 1st or 2nd place winner
80 points 88 points 96 points 

Questions? Contact Sharon Bahr, 800.392.3074, x1342. 

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