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Video: Credit Unions 'Unite for Good'

When credit unions grow and prosper, so do their communities. And with so many people being burned by big corporations and big banks, it’s the perfect time to show non-members the many advantages to choosing credit unions.

That’s right—let's get proactive! Unite for Good calls for credit unions to join forces and work towards shared goals. This is the first time that the credit union movement has identified a strategic vision. Working with its board, league presidents and credit unions, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has made sure that this movement represents us all.

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) encourages credit union leaders to view the​ Unite For Good video. Not only will it give you a fuller understanding of the campaign, but it is also a great resource to share with your employees and board members to get them pumped. Additional resources and information specifically geared for Missouri credit unions are available at this website.

What can you do? Each and every one of you is important to achieving success. There are three action steps that we can work on to accomplish this.

  1. Remove Barriers - Get out there and participate in credit union grassroots activities! If there is an opportunity to get more involved in the political process, take it. Meet with your regulators, support credit union-friendly candidates, participate in Project Zip Code…the sky is the limit.
  2. Create Awareness - Take credit for all those amazing things you do for the community. Send out a news release to your local paper or online news source, like Post your events and services to Facebook and Twitter. Write letters to the editor, opinion pieces and blog posts that respond to the anti-credit union propaganda. There are so many ways to get your credit union’s name out there. Make sure to share this information with MCUA via email. We'll help share the good news!
  3. Foster Service Excellence - You already put your members first, but it never hurts to reinforce helpful, friendly service. Also, providing the newest financial tools can boost customer loyalty.

So let’s make history! For a how-to on the three action steps above, follow this checklist.

Have some thoughts or comments regarding Unite for Good? Type them out and send them by email to Unite for Good. Questions about Unite for Good and how it ties in with Missouri advocacy efforts? Send an email to Amy McLard or call 314.542.1370.