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Kansas, Missouri Credit Unions Vote YES to Creating New, Consolidated Organization

Today (October 6, 2015), member credit unions of both the Kansas Credit Union Association (KCUA) and Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) voted yes to consolidate and form a new entity: Heartland Credit Union Association and Shared Financial Solutions. The new organization will launch January 1, 2016.

Combining efforts of both associations will strengthen the credit union voice locally and nationally, and provide member credit unions with greater support, enhanced staff expertise and more opportunities for networking and training.

“This historic vote unites two strong organizations with comparable philosophies and similar cultures,” said Marla Marsh, President/CEO of the Kansas Credit Union Association. “While Heartland Credit Union Association will create financial efficiencies and enhanced services and opportunities for credit unions, state-specific needs and local support will continue to be a high priority for us.”

Heartland Credit Union Association will be headquartered in Kansas City, MO, a solid halfway point between the two states. To ensure a strong advocacy presence, branch offices will be located in the Capitol cities of Topeka, KS and Jefferson City, MO. Additional offices will remain in Wichita, KS and St. Louis, MO.

“We are moving forward with combining operations, aligning staff and preparing for a new look,” said Don Cohenour, President/CEO of the Missouri Credit Union Association. “This collaboration creates greater opportunities for sustainability, strength and success for more than 200 credit unions in Kansas and Missouri.”

Integration of our products and services, as well as our communications platforms, will occur throughout the next six months as we begin functioning as one, united organization. Member credit unions will still receive the quality of service delivery they’ve come to expect from both organizations.
Town hall meetings were held prior to today’s vote. Kansas credit unions voted electronically and at a special membership meeting. Missouri credit unions voted electronically and at their annual meeting.

The Boards of Directors of KCUA and MCUA appointed a Joint Collaboration Task Force to create a vision and vehicle for the new organization.

O'Rourke & Associates has been chosen to conduct the search for a new CEO. Marsh and Cohenour will stay on board until a new person is named. Both have made plans to retire in 2016.

The Kansas Credit Union Association is the trade association for credit unions in Kansas, serving more than 645,000 Kansas consumers. Established in 1934, the Association’s mission remains the same – to assist member credit unions in meeting the needs of their members and potential members to further the success of the credit union movement. Strategies center on this mission: to unify the credit union movement, provide operational assistance to credit unions, promote growth and advocate on behalf of the membership.
The Missouri Credit Union Association is the not-for-profit trade association for credit unions in the state of Missouri. It provides services and support that help meet the leadership, advocacy, education and financial service needs of the state’s credit unions, with more than $12 billion in combined assets and representing more than 1.47 million Missouri consumers.