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Webinar "Managing the Force-Placed Insurance Process"

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December 3rd, 2018 2:00 PM   through   3:30 PM


United States

Your borrower failed to get the required insurance or let the policy lapse.  What needs done (and when) to protect your institution?  What do the regulations say about the different kinds of insurance – homeowner, flood, auto, etc.?  In the past, there were no real rules and for some insurance situations that is still true.  But now many insurance scenarios have very specific regulatory and timing requirements. This webinar will detail those rules and timing requirements to ensure your institution won’t be criticized, accused of a UDAAP violation, or face an individual or a class action lawsuit from borrowers when your examiners arrive.

This informative session is designed for all those involved with the force-placed insurance process at any level – management and staff alike.  Auditors and compliance personnel will find this webinar valuable.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER:  Bill Elliott, CRCM, Young & Associates, Inc.





Description Price
Live Webinar $175
Recorded Webinar + Free Digital Download $175
BOTH Live Webinar and Recorded Webinar + Free Digital Download  $225
Recorded Webinar + Free Digital Download (For credit unions <$20M in Assets)  $149


This event is being conducted by CU Web Training on behalf of the Heartland Credit Union Association. 
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December 3rd, 2018 2:00 PM   through   3:30 PM
United States