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Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation


The Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation (HCUCF)  invests in and through credit unions to enhance their ability to serve their members and their community. 

Read grant recipients' testimonials for a clearer picture of HCUCF's mission and vision. 




Stories from HCUCF Grant Recipients

“We couldn’t do what we do without the scholarship benefits from the Foundation. Holy Rosary Credit Union is literally in existence today because of the scholarship help from the Foundation. These scholarships have changed the staff, our vision, our mission, our capacity and everything about the credit union. When our staff attend a training, they come back transformed. We would never be able to provide this training without the Foundation support. THANK YOU!”

Carole Wight, President
Holy Rosary Credit Union


“As a smaller credit union—assets of $28 million dollars and 10 employees—we are required to do various jobs daily. Our staff has been able to keep up on various rules, regulations and laws due to training made possible by HCUCF scholarships. For example, several of our staff received scholarships to attend Association events, like the compliance conference and collections seminar, and I have been able to attend the Convention & Annual Meeting for the past several years thanks to HCUCF assistance. Show Me Credit Union has implemented several new services and loan products as a direct result of visiting with vendors and learning at CAM. This is vital for small credit unions to continue to grow and prosper. A BIG THANK YOU goes to those who make these funds possible for our staff.”

Chuck Rentschler, President
Show Me Credit Union


“I received a scholarship for CUlead in 2017. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am from the smallest credit union in Wichita and my participation in the CUlead program might not have been possible without the Foundation’s gift. My perspective widened every time CUlead met.”

Amanda Meller, Loan Officer
Wheat State Credit Union


“The members, volunteers, and staff are so excited to have received this grant from the Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation. The new server will greatly improve the processing speed of our new debit card program and our daily processing needs. Again, we cannot thank the Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation enough for this grant."

Randy Blue, CEO
St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union


“Being a one man ship at Central Kansas Education Credit Union can be challenging many days. I am indebted to the Foundation for supporting smaller credit unions and helping us afford the training opportunities that help us grow. If it was not for the scholarship program, I would not be able to attend as many training sessions. It is important for our credit union—and our members—that I am up-to-date on all the latest in compliance, lending, and various other topics necessary for the success of Central Kansas Education Credit Union.” 

Trena Lackey, Manager/Treasurer
Central Kansas Education Credit Union