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Business Solutions

Credit unions should have access to the industry's leading products at the best possible price. Whether it's through products we own or our relationships with industry partners, we can help you grow by:

  • Offering the products and services that consumers want
  • Helping credit unions better manage their bottom line
  • Providing support for operational issues as they arise

Scroll through the table below to compare the best solutions for your credit union's challenges. For more details, click on the logo. If you're ready to move forward with any of our partners, please contact your member solutions representative or call 800.392.3074.

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Scroll through this table to compare our services
Fraud prevention - real-time alerts for check, card and paper fraud        

Disaster recovery - power, office space and communication        

Data processing
- secure, browser-based tech reduces overhead

College & career planning app -
help members plan for milestones

 Member convenience - network of 5,000+ branches and 30,000+ ATMs    

Full-service originator of indirect
auto loans -
563 dealers in 8 states

Loan solutions - retention, reset, generation and digital pre-approval     

Tech/marketing - digital ads, gas station tv, website hosting and more      

Insurance - loan support, collateral and credit union protection, retirement services and more  

Alliance programs - operational, 
regulatory and relationship services

ATMs - full-service solution including install, equipment and maintenance    

Text messaging - provides a secure and compliant way for credit unions to engage their members  

Equipment maintenance - repair, report and service equipment      

Credit and debit cards - full service, pass through processing and rewards      

Member checks - custom coloring, logos and easy ordering        

Industry experts - consulting, planning, training and more        

Share draft services - deposit capture, business accounts and more
Serves 240+ credit unions

Video banking - from anywhere, to the right person                   

Overdraft protection analytics, strategies, reporting and tracking      

Reward accounts, marketing and consulting services to drive profits and growth      

Smartphone and online lending options

Discounts like TurboTax, cash back and more rewards      

Various card options - credit, debit, gift, Everyday Spend and TravelMoney cards      

Settlement tool - streamline mortgages and reduce costs    

IT solution - information assets and security, staff resources and more      

Loan marketing - direct marketing campaigns      

Security service - cloud-based risk management and compliance solutions        

Member insurance - auto and homeowners      

Automated valuation for home equity loans - loan analytics, CECL analytics         

Fraud detection - cloud-based, stay ahead of emerging trends        

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Advanced Fraud Solutions

The best way to fight fraud is to prevent it. Advanced Fraud Solutions takes an innovative, proactive approach to identifying fraud and risk for credit unions. The tools developed by Advanced Fraud Solutions have been tested and proven successful.

  • Prevent check loss at the frontline with TrueChecks™. TrueChecks identifies counterfeit, NSF, and closed account issues in real-time at the teller window. It provides tellers with Reg CC-compliant hold recommendations and integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. 
  • Too many financial institutions currently rely on VISA CAMS alerts to combat fraud due to merchant compromise. But it often takes weeks to determine which cards are at risk. TrueCards® is the only package that allows institutions to determine the true point of compromise and block the cards at risk almost immediately.
  • Early Warning is collaborating with Advanced Fraud Solutions to help financial institutions identify high-risk paper transactions - without the need for additional hardware installation. Advanced Fraud Solutions' enhanced offering delivers DEPOSIT CHEK® service data to the frontline staff to with a real time, web based solution for every teller in the organization.



Agility Recovery

If your credit union experiences a disaster, Agility provides four elements of recovery: office space, power, communication and computer systems. When emergencies strike, Agility takes care of your credit union, so you can take care of members in need. Plan for the unexpected with Agility Recovery. Agility Recovery's business continuity and disaster recovery services meet the following needs of credit unions: 

  • Power
  • Space
  • Technology
  • Connectivity
  • Testing 



AMI - Information Systems for Credit Unions

Data processing systems are one of the largest investments your credit union will make. Get the greatest return with AMI’s Encompass, a browser-based technology that’s easy to operate and cost-effective. Encompass doesn’t require special software for workstation PCs, so it reduces overhead and simplifies your credit union’s infrastructure.

Another important advantage of the Encompass Software System is the security of credit union data. AMI has gone through the very rigorous SSAE 16 Type 2 Audit to ensure that all the correct measures are in place to provide a secure environment for your data, whether in-house or hosted. 





CollegeRoadmap is the only calculator in the United States that enables a user to compare the net cost of more than 6,000 colleges in one single click.

The tool incorporates the two biggest drivers in determining the actual cost of college: family household income, and place of residence. The application provides a cost breakdown of every key factor that makes up the total price of college. One of the more compelling and differentiating features is that it provides both sticker and net costs, including the average financial package families have historically received from any given college similar to their income level. Students can compare as many colleges as they desire.

The tool is web-based and mobile-friendly.



CO-OP Financial Services

CO-OP Financial Services helps credit unions leverage the latest technology and trends to strengthen member connections and support growth. CO-OP unites innovative thinkers with deep experience in the credit union and payments industries to energize innovation and incite progressive ideas. CO-OP was created by credit unions, for credit unions and are committed to being there for you. In the competition to establish your credit union as your members' primary financial institution, you can be there for them. And be more.

Credit Union Shared Branching (CUSB) helps you retain existing members and attract new ones. When you join the Shared Branch Network, you provide members with additional convenient locations to perform in-person transactions just as if they were at your home credit union. A perceived “lack of convenience” is one of the top reasons why consumers don’t bank at a credit union. With shared branch, you can be in more than 5,000 branches in the U.S. The benefits of CUSB include:

  • A shared branch transaction is about half the cost of a traditional credit union transaction
  • Members who use shared branching are 12 times more profitable 
  • Increases the chances that your members will make your credit union their primary financial institution (PFI)
  • Provides credit unions added disaster recovery protection
  • Retains and gains new members, especially those who move or travel often
  • Appeals to younger members who enjoy the convenience of multiple branches
  • Access to marketing materials and tools like the CO-OP iPhone appAndroid app and Locator website

Members can conduct the following transactions at a credit union shared branch:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Loan Payments
  • Loan Advances
  • Making transfers between accounts and credit unions
  • Cash Checks
  • Purchase money orders and official checks
  • Account balance inquiries and transaction history

CO-OP ATM reaches out to your members and offers them the access and convenience they want, with easily recognized nationwide terminals and the latest tools for locating them. A single source provides everything you need. CO-OP network supports its vast fleet of ATMs with a high-visibility signage program and marketing materials through CO-OP Marketing Portal. And a full suite of locator tools makes it simple to find the nearest ATM using a mobile, landline or online connection. 



CU Loan Source

CU Loan Source, LLC is a CUSO. CU Loan Source is a full-service originator of prime indirect auto loans through a network of franchise dealers across eight states. Credit union participants take part in providing funding for monthly loan pools to establish loan participation percentages with each funding credit union. 

Benefits of program include:

  • Minimal risk
  • Monthly pools ensuring returns are current with market
  • Healthy returns
  • Uniform credit guidelines
  • Regulator friendly

CU Loan Source was built with the idea that collaboration in a specialized market could enhance production volume, managerial competence and improve risk management practices.


CU Solutions Group

CU Solutions Group is an award-winning, national CUSO dedicated to serving the credit union industry through their expertise and best-in-class solutions in technology and marketing.

Their portfolio of products includes:

  • Website design & hosting – delivers expertise in clean, responsive and modern website design
  • LifeSteps™ Wallet – the latest innovation from CU Solutions Group is a suite of mobile banking enhancements to keep your credit union top of mind and top of wallet, and your members engaged before, during and after life’s biggest financial decisions
  • Digital advertising –  innovative tools to optimize your credit union advertising
  • Love My Credit Union Rewards – increase your member benefits and help your members save money with valuable discounts from TurboTax, TruStage Auto & Home Insurance program, and more
  • Gas Station TV – a new digital medium that gives you access to a captive audience near your credit union, at the gas pump
  • Save to Win – encourages smart saving while attracting new members with the nation’s largest prize-linked savings program
  • CUBE TV – award winning studio that creates audio and video productions ranging from turnkey media templates to complete commercial customization



CUNA Mutual Group

Thanks to extended automobile loan durations and longer vehicle retention, the likelihood that your members will experience a costly, major repair is greater than ever. Help them protect their loan investment by minimizing the impact of unexpected repair bills with coverage that meets today’s needs. MEMBER’S CHOICE® Mechanical Repair Coverage helps cover the cost of repairs for new and eligible used vehicles – even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. 

Collateral Protection Insurance is designed to help you manage your lending risk for both auto and real estate loans. Protect your interest in the loans you make if your members fail to maintain required levels of insurance coverage.

  • Flexible protection options to protect auto and real estate loans
  • Solutions built just to address credit unions’ unique lending risks
  • Proactive advocates to help you adjust coverage as your needs grow

Credit life and disability insurance for consumer and home equity loans create a safety net for members' assets. Credit insurance also reduces your credit union's risk by protecting loans from delinquency, default or foreclosure - while providing you with another source for non-interest income. 

Debt protection reduces your credit union's risk by helping members avoid missing loan payments when they experience disability, involuntary unemployment, unpaid family leave and more. Nearly 90 percent of disabilities are not work related and therefore not covered by workers' compensation. 

Guaranteed asset protectionhelps provide financial security if a member's vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair by cancelling the difference between the auto insurance settlement and the remaining loan balance.  

Trustage InsuranceTruStage is insurance the credit union way. Empower your members to protect their achievements with life, auto and homeowners insurance that's available exclusively to credit union members. More than 15 million people rely on TruStage for dependable coverage.  

All of these insurance products are brought to you by CUNA Mutual Group, a company that was formed in 1935 through a partnership of credit unions and leagues. CUNA Mutual Group is committed to supporting the credit union movement and is proud to serve credit unions in Kansas and Missouri.

Your members don’t just want online lending, they want mobile lending., from CUNA Mutual Group, is celebrating $2 billion in smartphone loans and seeing unprecedented growth in this category. Empower members to apply for loans anywhere, anytime and on any device and watch your portfolio grow. 


AskAuto Mobile App

The AskAuto mobile app arms credit union members with tools to make car buying easy. It allows the member to scan VIN numbers to check average prices, be pre-approved for financing and alerts the credit union when someone’s looking to make a vehicle purchase. Stay connected when your members are car shopping, and you’re likely to be top-of-mind when they sign on the dotted line.



CUNA Strategic Services (CSS): Your Guide to Growth

The CUNA Strategic Services alliance programs are designed to serve your credit union by:

  • Contributing to the your bottom line through increased operational efficiency or revenue generation
  • Adding to your peace of mind as they effectively meet regulatory standards and address security concerns
  • Enhancing your relationship with services designed to grow and retain membership

Check out the services your credit union peers rely on:


CU RateReset is a credit union specific service providing award-winning solutions for loan retention, loan reset, loan generation and digital pre-approval. Each solution is designed to enhance your member's digital experience and assist the digital transformation of your credit union, while providing a digital solution to retain loans a credit union already on the books. 


Kasasa provides financial technology solutions and marketing services for community financial institutions. Founded in 2003, the award-winning company offers state-of-the-art turnkey solutions and comprehensive support. These products and services can help you stay competitive in a crowded financial services market.





​Eltropy provides a secure and compliant way for credit unions to engage their members through text messaging. It provides a single solution for all credit union departments:

  • Lending: streamline the loan origination process by uploading and executing required documents through text messaging
  • Business development: increase memberships and revenue by sharing customized product info via texts and using predictive analytics for faster follow-ups
  • Collections: send automated notifications and leverage two-way text messaging to increase success rate of debt collections
  • Marketing: boost engagement by using text messaging to share promotional offers, flyers and event info 
  • Internal: send emergency alerts to employees using texts for faster communication
  • Service: increase members satisfaction by offering the convenience of two-way text messaging to resolve issues efficiently 



Dolphin Debit

Dolphin Debit is a full-service ATM management company that owns and operates ATMs for financial institutions. Dolphin's turnkey ATM service includes deployment of new ATM equipment combined with terminal driving, ATM maintenance, armored car service, communications, monitoring and dispatch, and cash management. Dolphin Debit operates all types of equipment in various on-premises and off-premises venues. In addition, Dolphin Debit has the right to install and operate drive-up ATMs at Walmart/Murphy USA locations in multiple states. Dolphin Debit customizes solutions to the specific needs of clients, with a flexible, cost-saving approach that enables redeployment of company assets to improve the bottom line. 

Watch this video to learn more:




Your team’s time should be spent on your core business. Equips' unique process removes the burden of managing equipment maintenance. With the click of a button, service is requested via E-LINK and the service provider of your choice is dispatched. The service event is managed from beginning to end by an Equips specialist. They ensure your satisfaction, review billing for accuracy and additional cost-savings opportunities, and analyze service history and preventative maintenance schedules. This ensures maximum up time.

Check out this handy document to see how Equips solves your credit union's problems. 

You focus on business. Equips focuses on managing & maintaining your equipment.



FIS Card Services

With more than 30 years of experience in card processing, FIS understands the importance of keeping pace with the rapidly changing and competitive credit card industry. FIS provides turnkey programs offering a full range of support services, full service and pass through processing and best in class rewards and other enhancement programs.



Harland Clarke

Checks are an important payment method for millions of account holders. Harland Clarke offers a suite of products and services to deliver share draft/check printing services to credit unions.

Harland Clarke offers: 

  • The fastest turnaround time - most orders ship within three business days
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all the leading accounting software
  • Competitive pricing
  • Custom coloring and logo options
  • Simplified ordering - just call toll free (877)ASK-4HBS


Heartland Credit Union Association

Let 80 years of credit union experience work for you when you tap into our consulting and planning resources. Our member solutions team has expertise in:

  • Asset-liability management
  • Budget assistance
  • Assisting with regulator/examiner findings
  • Charter and field of membership changes
  • Board supervisory committee training
  • Business plan development
  • Strategic planning
  • Chapter assistance planning
  • Financial impact analysis/building and facilities planning

Contact your member solutions rep for more info. 


Item Processing - Shared Financial Solutions

Share Draft Services 

Shared Financial Solutions Item Processing provides credit unions with imaged member share draft processing. With more than 70 years of industry experience, the item processing team serves credit unions with exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art technologies. With a full range of services, Item Processing is the preferred vendor of more than 240 credit unions in Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and Ohio. 

Remote Deposit Capture 

  • Image Access: Our processing center maintains a full seven-year image archive of all check images that are sent out for deposit or processed as in-clearing items. Check images can be viewed online quickly and efficiently by credit union staff.
  • Checkview/Chekpoint: Offers credit union members the ability to view their own share draft images on the internet, via the credit union's online banking channel. Check copies may be retrieved, viewed and printed from any PC with Internet access.

Shared Financial Solutions Item Processing offers solutions for the capture and processing of deposit transactions. Credit union items received over the counter or in ATMs can be scanned and sent electronically to use for collection and settlement. Benefits include:

  • Reduced opportunities for fraud
  • Reduced or eliminated encoding expenses and courier costs
  • Improved availability of funds — 100% availability is passed the following business day
  • Extended cutoff time
  • Improved efficiencies and reduced errors
  • Replaced microfilming efforts and costs

Even if you do not use our software, Shared Financial Solutions Item Processing can receive your image file from other vendors for collection and settlement (i.e. mobile deposits and image-enabled ATMs).

Business Accounts

If you have small business members, you need iMerchant Exchange. iMerchant Exchange allows a credit union’s business member to electronically capture check images by scanning them and depositing them online. iMerchant Capture benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need for the business owner to physically deliver deposits to the credit union
  • Eliminates the process of taking photocopies of checks or deposits before making a deposit
  • Check images are transmitted to our processing center using a secure Internet connection
  • Check image capture creates an electronic archive of all checks



Invo Solutions

Video banking places valuable access into the hands of your customers, without restriction, through in-branch, web, and mobile solutions. It allows them to speak with the right person in your organization, no matter where they are or what they are doing. With the push of a button, they can get in contact with their institution while they are at their desk at work or at home with the kids. Invo Video Banking transforms the way that customers interact with their financial institutions.



JMFA has built an all-new overdraft program complete with improved analytics, strategies, reporting and tracking as well as communication material for account holders. The rules of overdraft protection have changed dramatically in years past, but JMFA continues to lead the way in recovering lost revenue in a responsible and compliant way, guaranteed.

See how JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVLEDGE® can impact your bottom line and provide a valuable service to your members with: 

  • An additional revenue stream and source of income
  • Minimized risk with 100% compliance guarantee
  • Easy installation and comprehensive effective on-site training
  • A socially responsible program that is fully disclosed and fully transparent
  • A contingency-based fee structure, so JMFA only succeeds if you do as well 
  • Improved communication with account holders for enhanced relationships



Love My Credit Union Rewards

Love My Credit Union Rewards rewards members for the purchases they already make. The Love to Shop online portal gives members exclusive discounts from retailers like Home Depot, Old Navy, Walmart, Direct TV and more. Credit union members earn cash back at more than 1,500 online retailers and your credit union earns non-interest income and increase debit and credit card usage. 


Love My Credit Union Rewards makes filing taxes affordable with Intuit TurboTax. Credit union members can receive great discounts on TurboTax products, proving that you don’t have to be a tax expert to get your taxes done right. Benefits include: 

  • Maximum refund guaranteed
  • 100% accurate calculations guaranteed
  • Audit support guaranteed




Shared Financial Solutions partners with the Illinois Credit Union Leagues’ Services Corporation (LSC) to provide debit, credit and gift card options for your members. These products meet your members needs and keeps them happy, while increasing non-interest income for your credit union.

Debit Cards
By participating in this program, you can compete in the debit card market by serving your members’ needs as completely as possible. Feature your credit union's name and logo on the card for additional branding and increased visibility in the marketplace. Credit union advantages include:

  • Earn additional revenues that will improve your bottom line
  • Increase service usage and satisfaction
  • Use this program as a powerful tool for attracting upscale potential members in to active usage of credit union services
  • Give your members convenience at over 18 million locations plus ATM accessibility through the VISA networks available in the United States and over 120 countries
  • Offer a product that's faster than writing a check and safer than carrying cash
  • Attracts new accounts and strengthens existing relationships   
  • Generates a new revenue stream for your credit union
  • Receive daily settlements through your Corporate
  • Provides cross-selling opportunities

Draw members into your lobby and create cross-selling opportunities for staff with Visa gift cards, Everyday Spend Cards and TravelMoney Cards. The cards are loaded through a simple web-based application, and you set the retail price. It’s never been easier to offer a new product.   

Gift Cards

  • Increase revenue stream
  • Provide members with the ability to purchase gifts while taking care of other financial obligations
  • Safer than cash – if it is lost or stolen, unused portions can be replaced
  • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
  • More flexibility than merchant gift cards
  • Card values are the member’s choice – between $10 and $1000
  • A variety of designs to choose from to suit any gift-giving occasion 

Everyday Spend Cards

  • Carries the Visa logo, accepted at more than 20 million Visa locations worldwide
  • The Everyday Spend reloadable card supports the Plus and Pulse networks
  • Can be used at an ATM to withdrawal cash and at merchants that accept pinned based POS transactions
  • No inventory of cards at the credit union
  • Cards sent directly to members via U.S. mail 
  • Cardholders name embossed on cards
  • Standard card design carry the CUMONEY logo
  • Branded cards carry the credit union logo
  • Value can be added to the card at the credit union or online

TravelMoney Cards

  • Branded with the VISA Logo, accepted at more than 20 million VISA locations worldwide
  • In addition to carrying the Visa Logo, the card also supports the Plus and Interlink networks
  • Can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash and at merchants that accept pinned based POS transactions
  • Cards are instantly issued at the credit union
  • Standard card design with CUMONEY logo or your credit union logo
  • Your members can receive transaction information, change PINs, check balances and fund the card online
  • Can be funded with checking or savings but is NOT linked to accounts
  • Can be funded for amount from $100 to $5,000
  • Card carries a 24 month expiration date under "Visa TravelMoney card benefits" 

Credit Cards
Participating in LSC’s credit card program is a win-win for credit unions and members. Gain access to Visa®, Mastercard® and Discover® products that allow members to make important purchases, while generating revenue for the credit union. Benefits include:

  • Setting and retaining 100% of your interest income along with annual, over-limit, late, cash advance or NSF fee income
  • Have the power to approve all credit applications
  • Set each credit limit individually
  • Receive daily settlements through your Corporate
  • Market your credit union name and logo on the card
  • Upgrade select members to the Platinum Program giving your members more enhancements, while competing with big players in card services

You’ll also have the option of adding valued enhancements to your program such as the ScoreCard Program (cash back and bonus points for merchant travel rewards), Package Enhancement (travel services, health care and discounts), LetterChecks (automatic convenience check program) and Credit Life and Disability Insurance (optional for your members).




Streamline your mortgage lending operations and reduce costs with MemberClose, a settlement tool developed specifically for credit unions. With just one username and password, credit unions can securely order credit reports, flood determinations, AVMs, gap appraisals, e-recording services, title insurance and much more.





Technology makes the world - and credit unions - go round. Yet, it seems like technology initiatives get pushed to the bottom of the pile. That’s problematic, especially if you can’t answer any of the following: 

  • If we get infected with Ransomware, how can we recover?
  • What if our building loses power and we have data corruption?
  • How can I prevent employees from walking off with sensitive info?
  • Is this telecommunications contract we’re about to sign really a smart thing to do?
Your IT solution -- Pianosa Technology Partners 

Pianosa helps credit unions make the best decisions about their technology, including staff resources, information assets, and future business.

What exactly can Pianosa help you with?

....and Pianosa can help with so much more. Check out this printable chart of services and packages. 





Capture more loans with direct marketing campaigns from SerTech. Simply provide a membership list, and let SerTech prescreen the data to ensure your offers are sent to qualified members. You’ll be top-of-mind when members need financing. SerTech specializes in: 

  • Auto loan recapture
  • Next-car purchase
  • Home equity acquisition
  • Home equity refinance
  • Credit card acquisition
  • Mortgage first-time home buyer
  • Mortgage acquisition
  • Mortgage refinance
  • Personal loan acquisition
  • Package plans

When you use SerTech, you can look forward to:

  • Monthly electronic reporting
  • Professionally designed letter stock
  • Compelling, customizable copywriting
  • Credit prescreening
  • Printing and postage
  • Mailing to prequalified recipients




​TraceSecurity is a cloud-based security solution that provides risk management and compliance solutions for credit union that need to protect critical data or meet IT security mandates. TraceSecurity provides credit unions with a holistic view of their security landscape and enables them to achieve effective data protection and automatic compliance. TraceSecurity offers:

  • Security assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • IT security audits
  • Penetration testing
  • Social engineering
  • Application testing
  • Information security employee awareness training
  • Wireless assessment




Evaluate loan portfolios for first and second mortgages, auto loans and other consumer loans with ValueCheck Portfolio Analytics. Get an actionable view of your credit union’s loan portfolio to identify risks and explore marketing opportunities. It’s easy to generate reports on concentration analysis, portfolio risk analysis, migration trend analysis, negative equity, high-risk loans, low-risk loans, HELOCs, FICO drop > 10 percent, and CLTV deterioration > 10 percent.  




Stay ahead of technology and financial crime with Verafin, a cloud-based fraud detection and BSA/ALM software provider. Verafin combines fraud and money laundering detection to stay ahead of emerging trends and prevent financial crime at your credit union.

Verafin’s solution combines four elements for the most comprehensive solution in the market:

  • Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Compliance – Provides automated CTR and SAR reporting as well as automated BSA record keeping
  • Fraud Detection – Detects fraudulent activity (debit, check and account fraud) and reduces losses
  • FACTA Red Flags – Facilitates creation of red flags and configuration by type, assigns investigation/expiration to flagged accounts, verifies SSN, checks against internal watch lists, and mines for suspicious personal ID information
  • Watch List & 314(a) Checking – Checks people, vendors and businesses against the OFAC SDN list, performs 314(a) searches, checks incoming and outgoing wires and flags positive matches, alerts compliance officer, accommodates fraud lists and internal watch lists, and maintains exemption lists