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Board/Volunteer Training

For board/volunteer members new to the role or those looking to become more knowledgeable, this page is for you. The videos, articles and websites linked below will help enrich your understanding of your role as a board member for your credit union.  

If you would prefer direct training, Amy Pennington, our director of training, can meet with your board/volunteers and train them on a variety of topics (check out the In-Person Trainings tab).

If you have any questions or want to schedule a training, get in touch with Amy at 800.392.3074, x1321

NCUA Board of Directors Training Series

Created by the National Credit Union Administration.

Board of Directors Video Series 1: What every Board member should know

Board of Directors Video Series 2:  Credit Union Policies and Procedures

Board of Directors Video Series 3:  Mergers

Board of Directors Video Series 4:  Succession Planning

Board of Directors Video Series 5:  Understanding the NCUA Examination

Board of Directors Video Series 6:  Strategic Planning

Board of Directors Video Series 7:  Understanding the Financial Statements

Board of Directors Video Series 8:  Understanding Key Ratios


In-Person Training

  • Welcome to the Board  - New to the board?  This course will introduce you to your role and responsibilities

  • Credit Union History and Philosophy – an overview of the credit union history and philosophy and how these principles are still alive today

  • Board Recruitment – Need to recruit new board members?  This course will assist you in planning for the recruitment of new board members

  • Board Strategic Planning - Strategic planning is one of the most important responsibilities for any board of directors. What is strategic planning? Simply put, it is the process of planning where the credit union is going and what steps will be taken to get there.

  • Board Supervisory Committee (Coming soon) – So what is the Supervisory Committee and what am I supposed to do?