Connect with your peers!

HCUA Councils promote synergy among Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska credit unions as the regional, primary source for uniting and energizing individuals and credit unions by sharing best practices, education and resources. 

Council membership is FREE to employees or volunteers of affiliated Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska credit unions or their CUSOs. 

Why join? Benefits of Council membership

  • Networking: Share ideas and learn from your peers through exclusive online communities (listserve), calls and education opportunities. Scroll down to see a list of upcoming Council events.
  • Resources: Access information and updates specific to credit unions.
  • Education: Learn through peer resources, webinars and other opportunities specific to Council members. 
  • Leadership: Each Council is run by credit union leaders and any Council member is eligible to hold a leadership position. In addition, each council is assigned an HCUA staff person to serve as a Council liaison to support the Council. 

Join a council

Join as many councils as you like! Please allow 48 hours to be added as a member to HCUA Councils.

HCUA Councils

Already a member? Use your council's listserv (aka the group email address) to ask questions, get feedback or share resources. You MUST be signed up and added to the Google group to use the listserv. 

Jump down to see a list of council events.




If you're involved with your credit union's collections, this council is for you!

Member's only listserv: 
[email protected]


Council leaders:
Dani Humphrey
Electro Savings Credit Union

Rachael McCarthy
West Community Credit Union

Christina Delbert
Arsenal Credit Union

HCUA liaison: 
Tim Loveless
800.392.3074 ext. 1372




Does your work day include staffing, policy, training and employment-related issues? The HR/Training Council can help!

Member's only listserv: 
[email protected]


Council leaders:
Donna Metcalf
Credit Union of America

Michelle Wood
Mazuma Credit Union

HCUA liaison: 
Angela Wiggins
800.392.3074 ext. 1341




Wear the compliance hat at your credit union? Compliance Council to the rescue!

Member's only listserv: 
[email protected]


Council leaders:
Jennifer Keim
Mainstreet Credit Union

Amanda Lutjen
Mazuma Credit Union

HCUA liaison: 
Lisa Althoff-Simmons
800.392.3074 ext. 1385




If technology is your middle name, you'll want to join your forward-thinking peers on the Innovation Council.

Member's only listserv: 
[email protected]


Council leaders:
Christy Bales
Skyward Credit Union

Tom Hooper
Volt Credit Union

Laura Eblen
Mazuma Credit Union

HCUA liaison: 
Clint Armistead 
800.392.3074 ext. 1321




The lending process is serious business. If your job has anything to do with it, join your peers on the Lending Council.

Member's only listserv: 
[email protected]


Council leaders:
Chris Glenn
TelComm Credit Union

Serena Hutson
Electro Savings Credit Union

Kevin Wiens
Heartland Credit Union

Hannah Anderson
Azura Credit Union

HCUA liaison: 
Tana Hoffman
800.392.3074 ext. 1336




Juggling social media, content creation, credit union promotions and more? The Marketing Council is here for you!

Member's only listserv: 
[email protected]


Council leader:
Davine Conover
Ozark Federal Credit Union

Alyssa Farber
United Northwest Federal
Credit Union

HCUA liaison: 
Nora Revie
800.392.3074 ext. 1349


Upcoming Council events (click the triangle to show dates)

Expand CollapseTitle
Compliance Council discussion - 11 a.m.
Marketing Council call - 3 p.m.

Join a Council

If you work or volunteer at an HCUA-member credit union, there's no reason for you NOT to join an HCUA Council. It's free, useful and the best way to connect with your peers in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska! 

Bonus: You can join as many HCUA Councils as you like. We know you wear a lot of hats. 

Join a Council

*Please allow 48 hours to be added as a member to HCUA Councils.

Council leadership

Each Council is led by leadership committee members whose duties include: 

  • Programming and content creation for Council events
  • Council leadership development
  • Communication to members, HCUA/NCUL boards and HCUA/NCUL liaisons
  • Act as a facilitator at meetings, make introductions at training sessions
  • Promote membership

Here a breakdown of leadership expectations, including specific examples. 

Please contact your Council's HCUA liaison. Elections are held in November. New directors begin serving their terms January 1. In the event of a vacancy, the leadership committee will appoint a current council member to serve the remainder of the term.