Credit Union Compliance Management System™

HCUA member credit unions now have access to CUNA's Credit Union Compliance Management System™ (CU CMS). This is a benefit of membership. 

CU CMS is an intuitive, scalable compliance solution that includes timely regulation alerts, guided workflows and an advertising review tool, as well as a federal and state law and regulation library, evidence tracking, RISK alerts from CUNA Mutual Group and an easy-to-use dashboard.

CUNA CU CMS graphic

This easy-to-use, centralized system is designed to:

  • Reduce non-compliance risk
  • Keep credit unions informed
  • Improve accountability and alignment
  • Decrease stress on staff and resources

Ready to get started?

Visit CUNA's website for complete information about this member benefit, as well as an enhanced for-free version the system. If you work at an HCUA member credit union, you can sign up for access to CU CMS.

Get started with CUNA's CU CMS

It generally takes 3-5 business days to approve the request

Want to learn more?

Watch a demo

HCUA username and password required to watch the demo.
Did you know?  State-specific information is included in the Law/Regulation Library for each topic listed in the Table of Contents.  You can customize the Table of Contents to only list the state-specific information you are interested in seeing.

Go to the CU CMS Home screen, click on “Setup” (on the left), then click on “Credit Union Compliance Management System Setup” (on the left), then click on the “Regulatory Authority Setup” tab (at top).  Scroll down to the State Content Section and in the list of states, you can then select one or more states by holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard and selecting them, then click on the “Save” button, then click on the “Next” button.