What is STAND?

It’s our initiative to engage Kansas and Missouri credit unions on a grassroots level in credit union advocacy and political action efforts. The STAND initiative empowers credit union employees, volunteers and members to sign up and make a meaningful credit union connection with their lawmakers.

STAND stands for five critical ways you can engage your team and your members in credit union advocacy:

How can you and your credit union take a STAND?

The STAND program only works if your credit union, you and your coworkers participate. The stronger our numbers, the stronger our voice and message -- and the better we can protect credit unions and their members! Here are three easy steps to becoming a STAND credit union:

  • Sign up your credit union (CEOs or senior leaders do this)
  • Have staff and volunteers sign up to be a member of the Army of Advocates 
  • Take action on a minimum of three other advocacy efforts on the checklist 

Download the checklist


Take a Stand award

Credit unions will earn a Take a STAND award when they complete the following items by August 14.

  1. Support
    • Sign up for the STAND program
    • Sign CUPAC/CULAC solicitation agreement
    • Submit HCUA Community Impact survey (Fall of the previous year through January of the current year to count for current year's award)
    • Upload your info to Project Zip Code

  2.  Target 

  3. Activate
    • Staff attends at least one HCUA Advocacy event (Day at the Capitol, Hike the Hill or GAC)

  4. Notify
    • Run a MAP campaign annually (runs fall of the previous year through Aug. 14 of the current year to count in the current year's award)

  5. Donate
    • Contribute to CUPAC at your credit union's recommended giving level based on asset size.
       This can be given through any combination of individual contributions, payroll deduction and/or corporate contributions. 

Contact Morgan Householder, 800.392.3074 x1355.