What is STAND?

It’s our initiative to engage Kansas and Missouri credit unions on a grassroots level in credit union advocacy and political action efforts. The STAND initiative empowers credit union employees, volunteers and members to sign up and make a meaningful credit union connection with their lawmakers.

STAND stands for five critical ways you can engage your team and your members in credit union advocacy:

How can you and your credit union take a STAND?

The STAND program only works if your credit union, you and your coworkers participate. The stronger our numbers, the stronger our voice and message -- and the better we can protect credit unions and their members!

Here are three easy steps to becoming a STAND credit union:

  1. Sign up your credit union (CEOs or senior leaders do this)

  2. Have staff and volunteers sign up to be a member of the Army of Advocates

  3. Take action on a minimum of three other advocacy efforts on the checklist. Want the STAND award? Download the checklist for what it takes to achieve the award.  
    • Sign a CUPAC solicitation agreement.
    • Complete HCUA’s Community Impact survey.
    • Upload your information to Project Zip Code.
    • Complete HCUA advocacy training (Advocacy Action webinar series). 
    • Sign up 15%* of your credit union staff  for the Army of Advocates. 
    • Engage your staff in grassroots activities (i.e. CUPAC fundraising or calls to action).
    • Attend at least one advocacy event (i.e. Day at the Capitol, GAC or Hike the Hill).
    • Enroll in the Member Activation Program.
    • Run at least one MAP campaign annually.
    • Contribute to CUPAC. 

    *updated June 2022


Join these credit unions and take a STAND!

Arsenal Credit Union
Assemblies of God Credit Union
Azura Credit Union
Central Missouri Community Credit Union
CommunityAmerica Credit Union
Cooperative Credit Union
Credit Union of America
Electro Savings Credit Union
Envista Credit Union
Frontier Community Credit Union
Heartland Credit Union
Infuze Credit Union
Kstate Credit Union
Mainstreet Credit Union
Mazuma Credit Union
McPherson CO-OP Credit Union
Meritrust Credit Union
Mid American Credit Union
Missouri Central Credit Union
Multipli Credit Union
Quantum Credit Union
River Region Credit Union
Skyward Credit Union
St. Louis Community Credit Union
TelComm Credit Union
Together Credit Union
Topeka Police Credit Union
United Consumers Credit Union
Vantage Credit Union
Volt Credit Union
West Community Credit Union
Wheat State Credit Union
Wichita Federal Credit Union

Complete all the items on the list to earn the Take a STAND award

Are you an overachiever? Super passionate about credit union advocacy? Your credit union can earn the a Take a STAND award when you complete all of items on this checklist by August 12.

Download the checklist


Contact  our advocacy team