INTENSIVE Sales Training

credit union sales intensive

3-day workshop

In order to see consistent sales results at your credit union you need THREE things:
  • Competent sales training built for your credit union,
  • Employees empowered with the sales mindset, processes and skills needed to sell,
  • And leaders with the expertise to coach and mentor their sales teams to peak performance.

This intensive workshop will deliver on all three and send your employees back ready to train, sell, and coach.

Who should attend?

The Intensive credit union sales training program is designed for a wide variety of credit union salespeople, leaders, and departments. The program is available in a 2-day or 3-day workshop.

2-day: Any salesperson who opens new accounts or processes loan applications.

3-day: All sales leaders including branch, lending and contact center managers, regional and senior sales leaders, training and development professionals, and even marketing professionals.

Expected return on investment

Assuming the credit union sends three employees for a total investment of $1,950, the credit union only needs to increase sales in ONE of these categories:
  • 13 additional checking accounts
  • $180,000 more in deposits
  • $90,000 more in recaptured loans
  • 17 additional assurance products
  • 12 additional active credit cards

It’s expected each attendee will sell each of the above TWICE in the first year, returning 30x the investment.

Daily schedule

Morning session: 10:00 am—12:00 pm 
Lunch: 12:00 pm—1:00 pm 
Afternoon session: 1:00 pm—3:00 pm 


 Non-member  HCUA member 
 2 days $699  $450
 3 days $999  $650

Watch the video for more details

Technical requirements

This event will be conducted on Zoom. You are encouraged to join with video and microphone enabled. Download the Zoom Desktop Client app (preferred) or join via web browser.

New to Zoom or have questions about Zoom? Watch this short training video.


Nick Brown is a sales and service advocate and expert in the credit union industry and is committed to empowering financial institutions to develop primary financial relationships with their members, through sales.

Nick started his career in the financial services industry in 2000 as a part time teller. He spent 15 years with a large, progressive credit union in a few different capacities including branch operations, and training and development.

The last 9 years of his credit union career were with the credit union’s outbound sales team where he connected with members proactively to expand and deepen their financial relationship with the credit union.

While “On the Phones” Nick recorded well over 10,000 sales calls, sold the majority of the credit union’s product and services, and recaptured over $10 Million in loan volume.  From 2009 to 2015, through the great recession, Nick lead the outbound team to record setting sales numbers. 

In 2015 Nick left his very comfortable career to bring proven sales training and consulting to the credit union industry full time. He approaches sales from a needs based perspective with the goal that all sales discussion should add value to the member’s life and help them reach their financial goals and dreams.

In addition to being a sales and service advocate in the credit union industry, Nick is also the husband of an amazingly brilliant wife of 18 years, father to three children, and youth mentor in his local congregation.

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11/1/2022 - 11/3/2022
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Tuesday, 01 November 2022

Essentials of a sales mindset, and understanding why we sell to members. Learn to identify needs, start the conversation, ask great questions, sell F.B.A., and get solid commitments. Use the If-Then Process to get commitments and schedule follow-up. Learn to sell by managing objections.
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Wednesday, 02 November 2022

Learn the 4 goals of the member interview and how to uncover member needs, wants, and dreams. Apply the fundamentals to selling checking, deposit and loan recapture, and assurance products.
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Thursday, 03 November 2022

Learn the 4 steps of an effective coaching model and how to develop rather than react to employee sales performance. Discover the simple patterns established in days 1 and 2 and how to use them to observe and asses employee performance. Build a development plan for employee sales success, and learn how to use it for coaching and accountability.
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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