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Kusnetzky Memorial Fund Keeps Vision Alive

As a long-time champion of credit unions and the credit union movement, Leon Kusnetzky inspired many within the community. To honor his tireless support of credit unions, the Missouri Credit Union Charitable Foundation (MCUCF) has established the Leon Kusnetzky Memorial Fund to support the growth of small credit unions in Missouri.

"Leon was an extraordinary human being with a grand passion for credit unions," says Stan Moeckli, president/CEO of Electro Savings Credit Union and MCUCF committee member. "This Memorial Fund will ensure MCUCF can continue his work of helping small credit unions in Missouri succeed." 

Small credit unions are defined by the National Credit Union Administration as any credit union with assets under $50 million. That equates to nearly 90 percent of credit unions in Missouri. Moeckli, the first to contribute to the fund, continues, "there's work to be done and the development of this fund will surely help."

Leon's work for and in credit unions dates back to the 1960s. His influence and assistance to improve legislation impacting credit unions in Missouri, credit union bylaws, and the development of CUSOs in Missouri will benefit credit unions for years to come. In addition, he, along with his team at Kusnetzky, Schwartz, Rosenfeld, Sailler & Lilla helped credit unions defend against lawsuits, navigate bankruptcy litigation, set up policies, and analyze contracts. He also worked to help small credit unions in a tough regulatory environment by sponsoring the small credit union CUSO. He helped facilitate sharing and support of ideas that help these credit unions serve their individual members. 

Donate today. Your donation will support small credit union initiatives in Missouri and help fund scholarships for the Credit Union Development Education Program.

For more information on the Missouri Credit Union Charitable Foundation, click here. Questions? Contact Jay Swearingen by email or call 314.542.1316.