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CheckView Implementation Fee Waived, Time Right to Add Member Service

As consumer interest in the Internet banking channel grows, your members expect to be able to conduct all of their banking needs online.  According to the Javelin Strategy & Research, 61 million households regularly use Internet banking today.  For these users, online banking services are the third most important driver of financial institution selection, falling just behind rate/fees and customer service.  These days, it’s not good enough to simply offer online banking services, however.  To maintain existing customers and attract new ones, financial institutions need to keep their offerings up to date with the latest features.

Your aim should be to make the online banking experience as quick and simple as possible.  Removing unnecessary steps like calling your credit union to request a check image can help improve customer service. iVia Exchange Services has just what you need to provide check images to your members via your online banking site.

CheckView is a service that allows your members to view images of their cleared share drafts within your online banking application.  Access is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Here’s how it works:

- Member accesses internet
- Member logs on to your home banking site
- Member elects to view the share draft clearing transaction page
- Member selects share draft item they wish to view
- Homebanking vendor sends URL request to iVia Exchange's server
- iVia Exchange's server validates home banking provider (IP address)
- iVia Exchange's server sends image (front/back) to home banking provider
- Home banking provider passes image to member

And to make this product even more appealing, iVia Exchange will be waiving its one-time implementation fee of $250 for all new CheckView credit unions that enroll by August 1, 2013.  To take advantage of this opportunity please contact Barb Stanek by email, or call 314.542.1366.

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