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Never Give Up - The Survivor Way | Holly Hoffman
9/13/18 12:30-2 p.m.
As we survive life’s challenges, we come face to face with fear and uncertainty. It is how we choose to overcome our fears and uncertainties that make us who we are. It is our strength in times of difficulty that prove our character and self worth. Holly Hoffman will share her experience of being on a reality show, and encourage you to think about how you decide to survive on a daily basis and about six words to develop your survival skills. With her six simple words, you can take on any challenge. Adversity is not so much contending with problems as it is learning more about who you really are and what is inside of you. Explore what your true survival skills are.

Leading for Creativity | Duncan Wardle
9/13/18 2:30-4 p.m.
Duncan Wardle will demonstrate a series of unique Creative Behaviors and Innovation Tools that deliver revolutionary thinking and substantial business results. Learn how Disney shifted from product-centric culture to a consumer-centric one, with surprising results,. Learn how by starting with the end user in mind, rather than focusing on the bottom line, Disney revolutionized the theme park going experience.


CUNA Update | Jim Nussle
9/14/18 10:15-10:45 a.m.
CUNA’s president/CEO will give us an overview of the credit union industry.

U.S. Economic Outlook & its Impact on  Credit Unions | Steve Rick
9/14/18 10:45 a.m.-Noon
Steve Rick will discuss how the global economy, the overall financial sector and the Federal Reserve will affect the U.S. economy, U.S. interest rates and ultimately credit union balance sheet and earnings performance. He will analyze and establish standards against which your credit union’s own performance can be measured, identify trends of savings and loan activity, and weigh the influence of future economic events on growth patterns.

Big 12- What are the Characteristics of High-Performing Boards? | Brad Douglas, HCUA President/CEO 
9/14/18 1:30-2:45 p.m.
In a time of great disruption and change for the credit union industry, it is more important than ever for credit union boards to practice strategic, responsible oversight. What are the right questions to ask your credit union staff? How should credit union leaders forge meaningful and impactful partnerships with their boards? Join a dialogue that will provide insights and ideas to take back to your next board meeting, taking your credit union to a higher level of success.

Vendor Due Diligence Best Practices to Minimize Legal Risks | Gina Carter, Husch Blackwell
9/14/18 1:30-2:45 p.m.
Discuss the elements of an effective vendor due diligence program, NCUA guidance on how to implement such a program, and ‘must have’ contract provisions to reduce legal risks.

From Workplace Violence to a New Normal: The Experience of an HR Department | Lamar Roth
9/14/18 1:30-2:45 p.m.
On February 25, 2016, a shooter opened fire at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas, killing four employees. Lamar Roth was Excel Industries' HR Director. He will review the experiences of the HR department, and the role the department had during the immediate hours, days and weeks after the event and the the role of HR now, two years after the event. He will explore recommendations and lessons learned including how HR, company leadership, law enforcement,community, and media work together during traumatic events. He will cover what to consider when preparing an HR department for a traumatic event, and what happens when you (as a leader) are the victim of violence. Bring your questions for the Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Lending the Credit Union Way | Mark Lynch
9/14/18 1:30-2:45 p.m.
In the early years of credit unions, lending was very personal and very labor intensive. Credit unions were also like family and members looked out for each other. As credit unions moved to community charter, there was less familiarity. Then came credit scores and digital lending which led to even less personal touch. As a consequence, credit unions are missing opportunities to assist members who are facing challenges. Join Mark as he: Discuss the challenges that members are facing. Talks about the reasons 56% of members have a credit score under 640. Outlines the power of using storybook lending and how to introduce this technique. Demonstrates how impactful the “credit union close” can be for the member and the credit union. Showcases credit unions that are successfully using these techniques to lend to member with low credit scores in a way that does not place the credit union at risk.

Deciphering Big Data to Create Incredible Member Journeys | Sundeep Kapur
9/14/18 1:30-2:45 p.m.
Brands inside and outside the financial industry attribute their success to data - analyzing numbers to predict likely outcomes which helps make timely decisions. We will cover different approaches of collecting and analyzing the data and explain how your credit union can use this data to drive 11 high impact user journeys. These are proven, innovative, and pragmatic suggestions to help you guide your own programs. You will gain insight for your big data and analytics initiatives, focused ideas to help you succeed, and inspiration to lead you beyond 2020.

Millennial Membership Growth Begins With A Wow! User Experience | Todd Romer
9/14/18 1:30-2:45 p.m.
For credit unions, the not-for-profit status, lower fees and rates, mobile banking features and other standard benefits of membership will not be enough for millennials to join. To drive new and sustainable membership growth among this segment, your credit needs a WOW! user experience and the delivery of high quality and relevant financial success content. Todd will show how your credit union can deliver behavior changing financial success content and a distinct experience that finally gives millennials hope to pursue and achieve a life that fits their dreams. All because of you.

Chief Digital Officer: Why Every Credit Union Needs One | Sundeep Kapur
9/14/18 3-4:15 p.m.
Digital is the largest branch serving members 24x7. This branch attracts consumers, serves existing members, and supports every other channel. And it's 24x7. To deliver on digital you have to deliver on member experience. To grow and nurture this digital branch, you need a chief digital officer that. Someone who knows how to drive revenue (lending), understands technology (IT), and has a flair for messaging (marketing). From technology, to sales, to communication – this emerging role is a must for your credit union to survive and to thrive.

Advocacy: A Game of Strategy | HCUA Advocacy team
9/14/18 3-4:15 p.m.
Having the right players in place, using your resources wisely and focusing on your end game are key to advocacy success. Learn how you and your credit union can help the credit union movement win.

Where does my time go? And how do I get it back? | Cynthia Kyriazis
9/14/18 3-4:15 p.m.
Your guide in navigating the 24/7 demands on your already frazzled time is time management consultant Cynthia Kyriazis. The best thing about this session is you, the audience, will choose the top 3 topics for this session. Choose from goal setting; priorities and focus; planning; managing meetings, email, interruptions and distractions; getting organized; delegating; managing procrastination tendencies. Learn to improve your time management skills and discuss strategies to for improving team productivity.

Identifying and Attracting Your Primary Member | Jennifer Laud
9/14/18 3-4:15 p.m.
When you know your members at a deeper level than age and account type, you can create a credit union that gains loyalty by solving member needs. Personas are a tool that help you uncover your unique member groups so you can take a more human-centric approach in your marketing and in the positioning of your credit union. Leveraging this powerful tool at all levels of your organization allows you to see through the eyes of your member and get better results when you're developing service standards, new products, and launching campaigns.

Assessing and Rewarding CEO Performance | Mark Lynch
9/14/18 3-4:15 p.m.
Assessing the chief executive officer is one of the board’s primary responsibilities. Unfortunately, many boards either fail to assess or don’t do it properly. In this presentation, Mark: Discusses why assessing the CEO’s performance is one of the most important responsibilities of a board. Outlines how to clarify the responsibilities, job expectations and annual goals of the CEO. Demonstrates how the board can conduct a fair assessment of the performance of the CEO based upon agreed criteria. Explains what a board needs to do if the CEO needs to improve his or her performance.

Millennials and Money: 5 Simple Steps to Financial Success Platform | Todd Romer
9/14/18 3-4:15 p.m.
Billions of dollars have been spent on traditional financial literacy over the last decade with great intentions. However, it's simply not working. In fact, millennials don't want to be financially literate. They would rather know exactly how to become financially successful. Todd Romer will drill into his 5 Step Plan to Financial Success platform that has helped thousands of millennials believe in their future again, and discuss how credit unions can adopt this plan to drive a more valuable membership base going forward.


Raise the BAR & Jump!!! | Dr. Samuel Jones
9/15/18 9:30-10:30 a.m.
One of the most painful things to see is a bold, confident leader fall into the trap of mediocrity and low expectations. Even when everything around them is changing, they fail to see the need to constantly improve. This program will help participants continue to raise the BAR of their expectations in order to JUMP to accomplish the goals that have been designed.

Data Breach Incident Response and Update on Developing Law | Gina Carter, Husch Blackwell 
9/15/18 9:30-10:30 a.m.
A review of NCUA and FFIEC standards and guidelines relating to developing and implementing a proper response in the event of a data breach. 

Credit Union Problems and Issues | Harry Black
9/15/18 9:30-10:30 a.m.
A board member needs to be removed. Your equity ratio is being criticized by the NCUA examiner. Your investment portfolio is only returning 1%. How would your credit union handle those problems? The answers are very different. Harry will give specific examples of problems he’s seen in credit unions. Be prepared for a a lively discussion!

Credit Union Marketing on a Small Budget | Jennifer Laud
9/15/18 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Effective marketing that develops awareness and builds a brand help us achieve our credit union's goals. The challenge is identifying the marketing strategy and plan that will drive results, especially when our resources are limited compared to our competition. Starting at the strategic level, Jennifer will discuss how to leverage your strengths, and then look at ways to reach your audience through high-impact channels and campaigns.

Walking Slowly into Real Estate Lending | Pierre Cardenas
9/15/18 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Offering mortgage loans to your membership is a key foundational program to helping your credit union grow and expand relationship based services. This non-interest income is vital in providing revenue for sustaining profitable brisk growth in today’s competitive market. Learn how other credit unions built their own in-house mortgage lending progra.m.s in-house.

Maximizing your Community Impact - Tips, Trends and Telling your Story | Andrea Robinson, HCUCF Executive Director
9/15/18 10:45-11:45 a.m.
What should you expect when you’re expecting a charity partner? How do you maximize your investment and manage the expectations in your philanthropic and community development initiatives? Credit unions live by the philosophy of “people helping people” and we know you have initiatives year-round to support your community. Learn creative ideas and useful tools for improving your outcomes, member satisfaction, employee engagement and return on investment for your credit union.

Threats to Credit Unions | Harry Black
9/15/18 10:45-11:45 a.m.
What is threatening your credit union? Harry Black will challenge participants to list threats to credit unions, and you'll be surprised at the list. What does this mean to you as a board member? Are all your directors really aware of the threats that your staff has to face every day?

Save to Win | Jessica Thelen
9/15/18 10:45-11:45 a.m.
Helping your members save money and build wealth is a cornerstone of the credit union social mission. Jessica Thelen will highlight how your credit union can boost smart saving and attract new members by leveraging the nation's largest prize-linked savings program, Save to Win. With Save to Win, every time a member makes a $25 deposit into their Save to Win share-certificate, they’re entered into monthly and quarterly drawings for the chance to win cash prizes! It’s a fun, easy and risk-free way to incentivize savings for your members while growing wallet-share for your credit union.

Making A Splash Through Effective Networking | Joel Goldberg
9/15/18 10:45-11:45 a.m.
A detailed look at how to connect with high end clients and the similarities between the business and sports worlds. Joel Goldberg has spent a career building relationships and trust with superstar athletes. He will share anecdotes and strategies that can help anyone make the most challenging of connections.

Building Efficiencies in your Credit Union with KAIZEN | Pierre Cardenas
9/15/18 10:45-11:45 a.m.
Scalability is critical for profitable growth. Profitable growth is impossible without streamlined workflows and process efficiencies. In order to sustain this throughout your organization you need to build a culture of KAIZEN in your organization. KAIZEN is KEY - come find out how at this session.

Humanizing Digital Transformation with Video Enabled Financial Services | Derek Williams
9/15/18 10:45-11:45 a.m.
Discuss current trends in video banking, the impact of digital migration, and real life results from two local credit unions that are utilizing video banking for their high value transactions.

Leadership Crisis: Closing the Gap between Average and Excellence | Dr. Samuel Jones
9/15/18 11:45a.m.-1:30p.m.
Like a doctor monitoring a patient during times of a health crisis, an organization's leadership team must be clear and impartial about critical business obligations. When things do take a down turn (whether the economy, new and inexperienced leadership, or regulations), the main thing no longer becomes the main thing – and no organization can survive being average. This program is designed to help individuals and organizations use their creative power to expose potential "average" tendencies to transition to habits of "excellence." 


Harry Black

Forty year credit union member, 25-year board member and industry champion.

Harry's entertaining and educational breakouts will focus on problems and threats to credit unions."


Pierre Cardenas 

Current credit union CEO in Austin, TX with 30 years of financial industry experience. 

Pierre will lead two breakout sessions on building mortgage lending programs in-house and building efficiency in your organization with KAZIEN.


Gina Carter 

Head of Husch Blackwell's Credit Union Team, Intellectual property lawyer and trusted advisor.

Find out what makes an effective due diligence program ‘must have’ contract provisions to reduce legal risks.


Brad Douglas

President and CEO of the Heartland Credit Union Association, and licensed attorney, proven leader, relationship builder, concert pianist. 

You will come away from Brad's session with ideas to take to your next board meeting. 


Joel Goldberg

Royal's baseball Sports commentator and networking guru. 

Hear Joel's networking principles and learn to make a splash through your relationships.






 HCUA Advocacy team

Heartland Credit Union Association's expert Advocacy team.

Strategy and tactics you and your credit union can use to help the credit union movement win.

Holly Hoffman - Keynote

Author, motivational speaker and ranch owner.

Holly will inspire and share her experiences as the last woman standing on "Survivor Nicaragua."


Dr. Samuel Jones - Keynote

The founder/CEO of Life Changing Presentations, a former professional/college athlete and an ordained minister.

His sessions will focus on how to avoid the trap of mediocrity and low expectations.


Sundeep Kapur

Formerly served 25 years in Corporate America - currently a data and digital master.

His sessions will explain why big data is important, and why you should hire an expert lender, IT professional and marketer to be your Chief Digital Officer.


Cynthia Kyriazis

Trainer, speaker, executive coach, author and President of Productivity Partners, Inc..

Cynthia's goal is to help employees take control of their time. More than anything she likes to see individuals get the ‘ah-ha’ light and then practice, practice, practice! 


Jennifer Laud

A marketing leader in the credit union industry with focus on strategy and human-centered design.

Jennifer's sessions will focus on marketing on a budget and identifying your credit union members.


Mark Lynch

Co-Founder of CU Difference, 42-year credit union member, speaker and former program manager at the National Credit Union Foundation. 

Learn the power of using storybook lending and how impactful the “credit union close” can be, and hear how a board can help CEO performance. 


Steve Rick - Keynote

The director and the chief economist for CUNA Mutual Group.

He will share insights on disruption in the financial service and look to the future. 


Andrea Robinson

Self-proclaimed do-gooder and Executive Director of the Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation.

Maximize your investment and manage the expectations in your philanthropic and community development initiatives. 

Todd Romer

The founder of Young Money University (YMU).

Todd will focus on millennial's relationship with money and membership growth.


Lamar Roth 

Director of Human Resources at Excel Industries, Inc., in Hesston, KS.

Learn from someone who lived through it. On February 25, 2016, a shooter opened fire at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas, killing four employees. Lamar Roth was Excel Industries' HR Director. Hear about his experience from an HR standpoint.


Jessica Thelen

"Save to win" expert at CU Solutions Group.

She will give you the ins and outs of all things "Save to Win," CU Solutions Group's prize-linked savings program for credit unions.


Duncan Wardle - Keynote

Innovation and design thinking consultant and former creativity expert at The Walt Disney Company.

Duncan's innovative thinking will help you capture unlikely connections, leading to fresh thinking and revolutionary ideas.  




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