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2013 Convention & Expo Must-See Speakers

This year's speakers will be discussing an array of hot topics. From payment card data breaches to understanding consumer behavior, this lineup is nothing short of fascinating. Join us in learning what the future holds for credit unions across the country.  

Brent Dixon joins us for an exciting session on understanding consumer behavior. What psychological cues resonate with members? Participants are sure to learn the anthropological triggers that drive members. Dixon has a creative background and enjoys understanding what makes people tick. He has spent the last couple years designing and teaching design, while also providing user-experience advice on behalf of The Filene Research Institute. During this time, he also founded the Cooperative Trust, a grassroots network of hundreds of young people fighting for the future of socially responsible finance. He also volunteers with Hackidemia, a mobile invention lab for kids, and sits on the board of directors for the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, a network that empowers students to create ethically sourced, cooperatively run food enterprises on college campuses. Prior to founding his studio, Dixon spent five years as creative director of Trabian, an Indianapolis-based interactive agency. 

Bill Hampel comes with an economist's perspective on how the economy is doing. Where are we headed? When will we rebound? Hampel will share his forecast for economic growth, the job market and inflation. He has an extensive background in economic analysis as well as research and policy. He is currently the senior vice president of Research and Policy Analysis and chief economist for the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). He also writes economic analysis columns for several credit union publications. Prior to joining CUNA, he was an assistant professor for economics are the University of Montana at Missoula and an instructor of economics at Iowa State University at Ames. He has served as a staff member at Navy Federal Credit Union in Virginia during a one-year sabbatical and has also served as Great Wisconsin Credit Union's board chair.

Mark Arnold will deliver a realistic idea of "Who is the member of the future?" This notion is compelling and will grab your attention. He believes the future members are not baby boomers or even millennials but will possess characteristics and demands all their own. Arnold speaks regularly to audiences around the country on branding, marketing, strategy, leadership, personal growth and generational issues. His breadth of knowledge connects with audiences for keynotes, breakouts and training events. He is the author of “Business," “My” and “Marketing Across the Generations: Gen. X." He is also president of On the Mark Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in branding and strategic planning. Not a mere consultant, he partners with credit unions and organizations to help achieve their desired strategic goals. He has worked with financial institutions ranging in size from $32 million to $1.8 billion. Prior to founding On the Mark Strategies, Arnold served as senior vice president for a multi-million dollar financial institution in Dallas. 

David Polet will help turn today's consumer insights into tomorrow's business success. Distinguishing your credit union when competitors offer the same or similar products can be difficult. He understands how consumer insight can help get a clearer picture of priorities and meeting the needs of your members. What sets you apart? During this session, learn how your business decisions will create a road map for future success. Polet is the director of Voice of Customer for CUNA Mutual Group. He has worked in the Voice of Customer area since 2009, becoming director in 2012. Beyond overseeing the execution of research, he is responsible for bringing the voice of customers, both credit unions and members, to CUNA Mutual Group. He is also responsible for facilitating a number of credit union advisory panels composed of credit union leaders and CUNA Mutual Group business leaders. Additionally, he helps bring CUNA Mutual Group’s research to credit unions through white papers and speaking engagements. 

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