Our Association supports credit unions through advocacy, compliance, professional development and consumer awareness. 

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12 credit unions recognized for advocacy STAND award

Posted on 9/20/2022
12 credit unions received HCUA's stand award for outstanding advocacy efforts.

John Beverlin honored as 2022 Hall of Fame recipient

Posted on 9/20/2022
John Beverlin is HCUA's 2022 Hall of Fame inductee.

Rick Dodds honored as 2022 Volunteer of the Year

Posted on 9/20/2022
Rick Dodds has been a volunteer of Meritrust Credit Union for over 20 years, serving on the credit union’s credit committee, supervisory committee and board of directors since 2004.

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Oct12Marketing Community call - 3 p.m.

Oct13Advocacy briefing - 10 a.m.

Oct19Compliance Community discussion - 11 a.m.

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We are stronger united! We bring credit unions together - virtually and in person - to learn, collaborate and grow so they can better support Kansas and Missouri communities. 

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We help credit unions build relationships and enhance their abilities to serve their communities.  
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Credit unions should have access to the industry's leading products at the best possible price. We can help you find innovative solutions to your credit union’s most challenging problems.

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